February 11, 2007

Sunday: Bloody Sunday...

So, I'm feeling le icky today. Which in itself is strange: I only drank half the bottle of wine I bought, and it was a small bottle. Of white, even, which rarely makes me feel ill.

I bailed on D&D today too... When Larkin called, I'm pretty sure I'd only been asleep for an hour or two... Even though I know I was home by 3am, and I'm pretty sure she called before 10am... In any case, I need the extra time, so it really worked out for the best.

I spent the entire week putting off the Soc. assignment, thinking "oh, I'll just do it on Sunday, since it's due on Monday."

It wasn't until I looked at my calender when I got home last night that I realized that I don't have Soc. on Mondays... I have it on Tuesdays.

I have a test on Monday.

Ah, well... It's not so bad. The test on Monday is Eval. Info, which hits pretty high on the "holy crap, I'm going to die of boredom" scale. Actually, I've started entertaining myself in that class by challenging the prof when she say something like "Gender is simply defined: you're either male or female". THAT was a fun class. :) And the best part is that she seems to enjoy it! It gets people thinking, and that's what she wants.

Then on Wednesday, I have an assignment due for Placement which is becoming more and more daunting as the days go by: my resume. I have one completed, the one that I've been using for a while. I could just throw on some new information and call it a day, but then I realized that the formatting on the thing is horrendous. That, and as of right now, the only paid job I've ever had that's relevant to the field was the NUSU job. Damn it all!

But that's ok... I'm going to switch things up, and really put the focus on my volunteer experience (oh, I forgot to mention, but this is supposed to be a resume geared to the field of human services). It will still be 2 pages long (longer, if I include everything, which I probably won't), it will still look good, it will just be very different than what I'm used to.

So, as far as I remember, those are the big 3 for the week: the test, the resume and the assignment. Not too shabby, actually.

Now, on to minor matters... Liquor/Vagina night was absolutely awesome! I haven't had that much fun in a long time. There was dancing, there was Eve Ensler, and there was kereoke! Chante is one of the most outgoing, generally awesome people I've ever met... Except that she thinks I'm a lesbian. Yeah, aparently, she took us seriously when Colleen and I said we were "lovers"... Oh, well. I made it very clear to her how straight I am (the "who needs a man" discussion...), and all is right with the world.

Man I need a vacation... I've really started to miss South Carolina in the last few weeks. I'd just love to get away...

So anyways, I'm off... I actually have a lot to do today... Laundry, dishes... I should probably clean the washroom, because I haven't done that in a while. The paper will be priority today, and I should try to read some more Bradshaw tonight before bed.

If anything, it'll put me to sleep. :)

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Beatrix said...

Take care if yourself and feel better!

And good on ya for giving your profs a hard time. It's good for them. ;)