February 11, 2007

Thoughts from the Paper

So, I'm almost done the paper. About half way. Asking for a 2 page paper on the definition of Relative Poverty in Canada is absurd, by the way... Mine's already 4 pages, and I haven't double spaced yet.

Anyways, so it got me thinking about being poor... which was the point, I would imagine. Anyways, I still think it is completely ridiculous that there are families in Canada, a reasonably wealthy nation, that live at or below Absolute Poverty, or the point where they can't logically survive. But I can see how it happens.

Did you know that the Canadian Government actually has no set definition of "Impoverished" or "Poor"? We talk a lot about "The Poverty Line"... I know I live below it. But "The Poverty Line" isn't actually a "line"... it's the "Low Income Cut Off" or LICO. It's just a gauge Stats Canada came up with years ago, that gets updated to show the amount of people who live below this Cut Off. Though it accounts for some things, it doesn't account for everything... Like Child Care. And the only stats I could find about Child Care stated that the average household in Ontario in 2005 spent only $645 per year. BOLOGNA. No frickin way.

Anyways, I'm starting to see really why people can get into such a bad spot. I'm hoping that maybe I can help. Eventually.

That's it for now.

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