February 13, 2007

The Evils of home baking...

Today, my diet consisted entierly of sugar and nicotine.

It's now just after 7:30 pm, and I want to die.

I was going to make 6-7 dozen cupcakes for Free Cupcake Day tomorrow, but that's pretty much out of the question: I don't want to see another cupcake again for a month or two.

Right now, I'm eating vegetables, which I will continue eating until I don't feel like dying anymore.

Shaun and Lisa are awesome. Neither of them are really involved in the club (well, Shaun might be helping with Ads, but that's pretty much it...) but they both baked for anyways. I have awesome friends.

I get the feeling tonight's going to be crap-tacular, if not just because I really, Really don't want to go to rehearsal tonight. I mean, I want to work on my lines and stuff, but I also want to sleep. I want to sleep for a year. I'm going anyways, if not just so I can keep myself awake long enough to finish my resume.

Tired. Tired....sooooo tired.

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