December 13, 2006


Today, after I finished my super-easy Sociology exam and had a nice Chat with Meaghan, I noticed that one of the donation boxes for the Mattawa Shelter and the Transition House was still sitting out in the hallway. It was full of Donations.

So I sent out an email when I got to Larkin's house (2 mods of Arcanis lasting from shortly before I got there at 3pm to about 12:30am...), stating that someone should look into this, and that I'm still waiting for a response about what to do with the stuff still in my basement, and now in my Car. One class member offered up her storage-space, but no one has offered to help deliver donations. As I mentioned before, the Transition House simply doesn't have the space for the amount of stuff we collected (people are STILL approaching me asking if I'm taking stuff). I did get two emails back: one telling me that I "just keep going, and going, and going...", and the other addressed to everyone. It basically stated that they had gone to the Ojibway Women's Centre, and they didn't have storage either. So, she and another member of the class will be taking a "road trip" to Mattawa over the holidays to drop stuff off there.

I'm actually really concerned about what will happen to the rest of this stuff. I mean, looking at this realistically, the Mattawa Centre doesn't have a whole lot of space either. There are a lot of things that they're just not going to be able to take. People donated this stuff with the belief and understanding that all of the items would be donated to the Centres we discussed, and it's not happening. Also, I haven't heard anything about the Thank-You section in the Nugget yet... That greatly concerns me. There were a couple of places that only donated because they were assured the recognition (that they rightfully deserve) in the paper.

I don't know... The whole thing is just kinda disheartening. I thought people were really in this because they wanted to make a difference. Aparently, a lot of them really just wanted the grade. Congratulations are in order in that case: I don't think anyone (with 2 notable exceptions...) failed. Failed the class, that is.

I joke a lot about "You Fail At LIFE!!"... but things like this just really make me question whether you can actually fail 'life'. It's one thing to be a part of a regular class, make the grade and leave, but this... well, for me, it felt special.. It felt like something that we could really do, in the "real world", that would impact people. Lets face it, getting a 90% on a test, or an "A+", even a "D-" on a paper; it doesn't really effect anyone but you. I would have gladly taken a 50% in this class, if I knew that I'd made a difference for someone else out there. That's what makes things worthwhile for me: stepping back and saying, wow, I helped someone. I know that most people don't work this way, but it still makes me question... the whole "good people/bad people" debate. I don't know. It's late, and I"m frustrated and ranty. It just sucks to think that people can just walk away that easily... And it makes me think that maybe we shouldn't have given out the grades until after the project was completely finished, because some pepole aren't making good on promises they made that got them the grade that they got. People who said they'd turn up for the sorting part should have lost grades because the meeting got cancelled and no one questioned it, but the grades were already submitted at that point.

People in general get me. I just can't figure it out, and it really pisses me off. I hate being the only one that gives a damn... It's like swimming against the current all the time... eventually you just get too tired.

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