December 11, 2006

The good, the bad and the downright stupid.

The Good: The party. I'm really sorry that the last post made it seem like I didn't have a good time... I really did! I enjoyed it! I have this weird habit of highlighting the snafus, and not the good points. But, it was an excellent, excellent shindig. And I'm glad so many people have told me that they've had fun too! that's the point, isn't it? for Everyone to enjoy themselves?

Oh, and also, I had a Substance Abuse exam today. Kicked it's ass. YEE HAW!!!!

The Bad: Two Fold.

1)Remember those Donations I'd been stockpiling in my basement? The ones that I was supposed to be trucking to Mattawa? Well, in the end, I didn't have to. We were told to just take them to the Transition House. That's fine. So, knowing that they don't really have a whole lot of space, I do the smart thing and call ahead. Well, when all was said and done, they really didn't take much at all...2 totes of clothes and towels. that was it. So, my basement is still stuffed. I'm waiting on confirmation from the class as to what we want done next, but if they're not gone by Wednedays, I'm taking them all to Callender, and Michelle Can deal with them (**Note, I just recieved an email from someone in my class to bring them to her house, so we'll see what happens there).

2) Last night, my computer and I finally had it out. I downloaded a program called Abexo, which was meant to clean registry errors off my computer (files that were corrupt or lead nowhere, or files from programs that no longer existed on my computer...). After a complete back-up was made, I ran the scan.

400 errors. (well, 399 to be exact, but I like round figures...)

So, I'm betting that was the biggest part of the Lag issue. I'm going to run a defrag later, and actually shut my computer down for once. Then I'm going to download a cracked virus scanner of some sort, and run that until I'm sure everything's clean. I think when I get back, though, I'm still going to have to get someone to show me how to reformat... any takers?

The Downright Stupid: Oh, am I ever livid about this one.

So, Wednesday is Pay Day for our pals at the NUSU/CSRC office. I should have at least one cheque and my RoE coming to me. Now, usually early in the week (like, say, Monday), there are sheets for Canadore Students to sign, as their payroll is not direct deposit. No sheets were there this morning. Not one. Heather went back to ask Peggy, and she didn't even come out to say why.

I will go in tomorrow. If the sheet isn't there, I'll be asking questions. If my Cheque isn't there on Wednesday, I'll be calling my Lawyer. He may be in St. Marys, but I'm sure he can give me a referral to someone up here. And yes, I still have it in writing that they are paying me through my weeks notice. I swear to god, they would be idiots not to pay me... I lay low, until you give me good, solid reason. Then I get mean.

So that's the scoop so far, folks. Now, Lunch. Food makes everything better.

...This could end badly.

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