December 14, 2006


It's that time of year again... Time for my Anual Holiday Hiatus.

Well, ok, usually it's not a huge deal, and I manage to post a couple of times during the december break.

Don't expect it this year.

Yesterday, I found out that I did get my Factory job back for the holidays (yay!), but I'm working the afternoon shift, from 3-11pm. Usually, this wouldn't be an issue, but this year, I have christmas presents to shop for, and a special project in the works (most of you know what I'm talking about, and why I can't mention it here). Throw finishing the Com Org stuff into the mix (oh, yeah, that's still happening... More on that later), and actually, I don't know, RELAXING, I probably won't be spending much time harassing my dial-up connection this Christmas. In fact, I won't even be spending that much time with my family while I"m home. Huh. That's kinda depressing, actually.

Moving on.

The reason I'm writing this today instead of tomorrow is more of a schedualing thing than anything else. Tomorrow is going to just plain suck.

9am- Must Call Family Enrichment Program to get rid of some of the basement stuff.
9.30-10am - Must go to School and attempt to fix the OSAP mess
11am - Must be in Callander, dropping of as much of the remaining basement stuff as possible.
From When I get home from that - 5pm - Packing, checking car fluids, cleaning, checking, double checking and REchecking everything to make sure I haven't missed anything, laundry by the boat load.
5-6pm - whenever - Ducky's Christmas Party.

From then on, by god, will there be sleep. I plan to be on the road by 9am Saturday, picking up girls and heading for home.

So, my best wishes to all! Happy Holidays, and if I don't see you before, be safe, drive sober (please!), and I'll see everyone in January.


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