September 14, 2006

Good Stuff!

Today was awsome. I was elected Secretary, along with a girl named Rikki, for our Community Organization class (the fundraising class), I dropped STS, AND I have an interview tomorrow for the job at the NUSU/CSRC office!


I got some more studying done, which was good. I'm not all that ahead, but I'm still doing reasonably well. I think, at least.

I read Go Ask Alice and... Well, I was disappointed. I mean, I get that it's a true story, but it just seemed so... Random. And the ending was a bit of a let down. It was just strange. I guess, since I'm used to an actual "novel", that the "diary" set-up of the story was just too foreign. Oh, well.

It's almost 9pm. I'm thinking about doing some more studying. Maybe for interviewing. My Sociology Cards are up-to date with where the class is, and I can't start the substance abuse cards until I know how she's going to present the material. It's a little frustrating, but I'm sure I'll muddle through.

I have an appointment tomorrow with Anne Lawson. She's a personal counciler at Canadore. That will be interesting... Going over the story again. At least this time I'm not messed up seeking help, I'm just doing preventative maintnence.

I have a list of things to do this weekend, aside from watching the movies. I could maybe start some of that now... I'm tired, but I'm not tired enough to convince myself that I should sleep. Maybe in another hour or two. But I have to get a bunch of housekeeping stuff done this weekend, because the following weekend is already booked solid. I might even have to go grocery shopping... Joy. One thing Post-Secondary has taught me more than anything else: how to feel guilty for spending money. Blarg. Soon, though, I will have a job of some sort, and then I will spend... slightly more, and feel slightly less guilty about it.

One of my classmates (as I found out today) is Alex. Alex used to be Ana's roomate. The last few times I saw him, things were not so pleasant around that apartment, but now that a year has past, and aparently he spent some time in Africa, he seems... mellower. It's this kinda wierd kick to the past... And it's also strange that I don't really talk to Dave or Ana anymore, yet Alex shows up. Fate's got a bizarre sense of humor.

Oh, tomorrow... One more day, and then the weekend. And thank god for that... I can sense the edge of a "things are getting out of hand" episode, and I think I'm actually prepared to bite the bullet and head it off at the pass. It's nice to feel productive again, expecially when it comes to academics. Things had just started to get so... stale.

Ok... Homework. Definitions, Maybe some reading... Nothing heavy. I like it.

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Tabetha said...

I'm glad you're doing so well! It's nice to hear someone actually getting ahead and succeeding at it. :)

I, on the other hand, am about ready to scream. But, that'll have to be within a journal post eventually. :)