September 15, 2006

Gold Stars for Sparky!

I get gold stars for today!

1)Peggy told me that, as long as I have my references in by monday morning, I pretty much have the job! This means, by the end of next week, I should be working behind the counter of the NUSU/CSRC office! Go Me!

2)I passed 2 BCL Quizzes, one with 85% (one question was worded funny and it was 9am...) and the other with 100%! I'm writing my Microsoft Word pre-assessment test next week. It's kinda nice that the lab-leader guy really doesn't care when we write the quizzes... I might have this thing done by next month after all!

3) I did another good deed today! Go me!

4)Part of the Group Studies class involves a group project (go figure...), in which we (my group of 4 people) develop a proposal for a "growth group", or a support group, which meets a need that is not already being met in the community. So, I toss out the idea of a Self-Injury Awareness/Support group. They like! So that's what we're working on, and I'm hoping that, with the permission of the other group members (and they've all already agreed) I can give Ducky the proposal once we're done in November, and maybe we can use that to start expanding for SIAD 2008! ...ok, maybe that's getting a little ahead of myself, but whatev.

So, yes. Gold stars. If I clean my room, do my dishes and get at least one assignment done tomorrow, I'm going grocery shopping. And buying cookies. Then I'll get gold stars AND cookies!


Now, I'm tired, and I'm going to bed. Tomorrow will be a work day, Sunday a movie day. I will most certainly be willing to entertain guests on BOTH days, though, until Sunday, I can't promise much in the way of treats.


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