September 17, 2006

And then, there was food.

Hey All! Many thanks to Meaghan for keeping me nice and distracted this weekend. Glad I could be of service, and glad you could come shopping with me! And also, thanks to Brian and Ducky for making me giggle.


So, another weekend. Funny, they don't seem to last that long. Yesterday I was bored out of my skull for a few minutes there, and I realized then that if I'm bored, it means I"m falling back into old habits. I can't do that. Not this time. So, I accomplished things. Nothing major, not half of the things I wanted to accomplish, but things nonetheless.

I cleaned my room! Go me!
I wrote out my definitions for Multiculturalism
I came up with some references for the Office Manager
I went to the bank and bled my wallet dry
I got food! Yay!
I watched Saved! It was good, better than I was expecting. No, Sarah, I haven't watched Garden State yet. It's still on the list though.
I got Meaghan hooked on Penn&Teller's Bullshit!, which rocks! I need to start downloading the 3rd season though.

No word from Nathan recently. That makes me kinda sad. Brian says that his new girl is really nice, and that she has a kid... I think that's great for him, and I want to see him happy. I really hope this works for him. I haven't heard from Todd either, not since crashing the hangover more than a week ago. At first, it made me sad. Then I realized, I actually don't care. Nor should I. Not to be harsh or anything, but it's the truth: He's Todd. He shows up and leaves as it's convienient for him. That's just the way he is. I don't really like that trait in a person, but oh well.

And on a related note (sort of) I've started having these... dreams. About someone I think most of you know (no, I'm not telling you who). They're very... good, very romantic dreams. And I do like the guy. I have for a while. See, he's seeing someone though. Someone most of you also know. It's frustrating on 2 fronts really... One, I really don't want a relationship, no matter what my unconcious mind is trying to convince me of, and Two... Even if I did, I can't have him. He's shown nothing but devotion to her for years now. Actually, since I've known him. This is why I hate dreams sometimes...

Actually, one of the guys in my class told me on Friday that he had a dream about me. It was kinda wierd... He just came up to me and started talking about this dream he had, that we were in this house, and we were surrounded by ghosts, and that only I could talk to them, and then I was looking at a clock, and making predictions of things that started happening... And all the while, I'm thinking... We talked for about 30 seconds when we met. Why are you dreaming about me? I know we can't control that, but... And he's a nice enough guy, not bad looking... He reminds me of Camron from Ferris Buler's Day Off (in looks, not actions), but something keeps coming back to why me? I've seen the people he hangs out with... they're the cheerleader types. I'm not exactly a cheerleader, so much as a squrril on speed. I'm a theatre geek, and he's trying to form a basketball team.

I'm so totally reading way, WAY too much into this. But it was just wierd. It threw me off. I don't know if I like it... I don't know that I don't like it either. It all seems a little bit too much like that time in grade school... the first person to ever ask me to dance did so on a dare. He was DARED to dance with me, and they all laughed and called me "peachy". He was one of the popular guys, and it felt so wierd to be asked to dance by someone like that... so wierd that it couldn't be real. Deep down, I think I knew it wasn't. I'm not saying that there's no possible way that he could hold intrest in me, because it's happened before so there must be something there... I'm just saying that there's no possible way it's... real. It's novelty or necessity or something.

Yeah...Anyways, enough of that. Moving on...

So, now I'm going to wash up, then go to bed. Tomorrow is my 8.30am-12.30pm day, and I get the feeling that it may run longer. Plus I want to get a start on some of the other assignments and things, so I can be ready for the wall of work when it hits. I lleave you with this:

A Student's Prayer

And now as I lay down to sleep,
I hope I'll make it one more week.
And if, at Six, I cannot wake...
A later bus I'll have to take.

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