August 6, 2007

Pretty, Funny, Sad, Happy, Sparky.

So, I'm messing with the layout again. I'd like for it to be more summery, which is why I went with the cool green. But I just realized that depending how I look at the moniter, it's either the nice light green, or bright neon freak-out green. So, I'll keep playing.

I did add a new link in the Webcomic section: Two Lumps. Go to this site. Read them from the beginning. I command it. The last 2 actually made me fall out of my chair laughing. Hee hee... balls.

Anyways, the sad part of this post is this: it appears that Mr. Bizzaro, aka Bizzy, Josh's cat and my former housemate, has passed on. On behalf of the entire EpicSparky family, I'd like to express our sincerest condolences to Josh: Bizzy was a wonderful cat, and he will be deeply missed. *hugs*

This weekend, Adam, Sarah, Sarah's new toy and I went to see Kim Mitchell live at Cecils. It was fantastic! I actually danced like an idiot, dispite the fact that we were probably the youngest people in the audience. I was really suprised how many of his songs I knew, which made the concert even better. Also, I had a Chocolate Monkey and a Pornstar, which was fantastic. I wish mixes didn't cost more than beer. One Day, I'd really like to have a stock of things so I can whip up my own drinks. Especially Chocolate Monkeys.

So, Things have actually been going well over the last few days, which explains the lack of posting: one thing you can always be sure of is that if I'm not posting, all is well... I found out that it was the facewash I was using that was causing the breakouts, and they went away suprisingly fast once I picked up the good stuff again. Which is good, because the make-up I bought is all but useless. I need to start drinking more water though, and that should cure the rest.

My Oven is working again! So there is a distinct possibility that I could do some baking or cooking in the near future, and that will rock... Lasagna and casserole, French fries and chicken parmesan from scratch... I might have to get over myself and actually have people over for dinner. I think I'll wait until I have curtains and new bedding though. Mom, Dad, Nan and Grandad are all coming up to visit weekend after next, so I'm going to scour the place before that. They're bringing new bedding, food stuffs and hopefully fixing the brakes on my car. I'll probably get dad to hang my pin-board properly or something. So, after that, I can entertain! woot! And you know what this means: Healthy Diet Time. Yay...? Ha Ha. I'm really hoping I can make it stick this time though. There was a girl who works in another office in the building, and she's lost something like 80 lbs in the last few years, and she said it was just because she "stopped eating like an idiot". That struck me... I mean, I'm not really that active, so anything I eat just sits. If it's going to sit, it may as well benifit me while I'm doing it, right?

Also, I saw this girl the other day with muffin-top so extreme I actually threw up in my mouth a little. Well, not literally, but I felt like I might. I don't want to look like that 5 years from now.

So, that's the goings on for now. I really have no idea what the work schedule is going to be this week... I can't remember anything big going on, but we'll see.

All in all, things are good.

Oh, also, if you get the chance, check out Uptight Clothing. I'm totally in LOVE with their corset gowns.



Ginny said...

What on earth is a muffin top?

I am happy to hear all is well in Sparky-ville. And a Kim Mitchell concert to boot... I am supremely jealous madame.

Ummm... yay for goodness!

Sparky said...

You've never heard of Muffin Top? It's the fat rolls that hang over your jeans when they're too tight... So it looks like the top of the muffin hanging over the wrapper!