July 31, 2007


So, I think I stepped on a puppy.

I got asked to go to a concert tonight. A concert that would probably be good, except that I don't know the band. But, I know they're one of those bands that yield good stories, and that you tell people you went to see them, and they go "Oh, cool!".

But, the guy who wants me to go with him is one of my best friends up here. And I had to tell him that I didn't want to go as his date, because I don't think of him that way. He says it's fine, but I still feel weird about it.

Not to mention the fact that the guy I've liked for the last year or more will likely be going (driving), and we'll be staying at the home of his roomate, whom, according to a great deal of heavy, consistant rumor, he is now dating (actually, she broke up with her boy less than a week ago, and everyone thinks he's the reason why).

So, I pretty much dispise myself right now. Both for leading my good friend on (which I think I may have), and for still being smitten with an arrogant poet who won't admit the fact that he doesn't regret that "unspeakable act" that occured a year ago, even going so far as to create a drunken alter-ego who does morally reprehensible things so he can explain away his mistakes without care.

Jas-or? That's low. I expected better.

But I keep waiting for the tide to turn.

Now which of us is the fool?


Beatrix said...

*loves and does lurid cheer-up dance*

Even if you despise yourself right now, I still loves you. I had typed out a bunch of advice, but I know that's probably not what you want to head at the moment - I know if the situation were reversed, advice would just piss me off, lol, and pissed of Lacey is a force of nature, and I am so very small. So, I heart you, I miss you, and I demand that you come home to visit. I will bribe you with Ducky Cookies if necessary. :D

PS: Make Mike come with you. It'll be wacky.

Ginny said...

Well now... that's quite the turn of events...


Lacey, don't worry about leading anyone on. You told him straight out, and he accepted that. As for staying at the house... I don't think his roommate's even there, so it shouldn't be that bad... right?

Either way, take a deep breath, and just have fun. k?

Advice? I dunno if that's advice or not, but it's there, take it or leave it. lol, and HAVE FUN!