January 23, 2007

Be a Deer.

First off, I haven't posted in a while, and I'm sorry about that... I needed to sort out a few things. But thank you to all of my friends for being so supportive. Oh, and a special thanks to my sister Ashley for making her very first (I think...) comment on EpicSparky... She should definatly comment here more often.

I don't really want to discuss that post again yet, except to say that the majority of the issue(s) that surrounded that post have been resolved. I mean, some things obviously haven't been, but I'm in a less-violent frame of mind... we'll leave it at that.

So, I saw a deer today. On the hill on the way up to the school. I like seeing deer... It fills me with this wierd, nostalgic form of... I don't know, hope? Optimism? Serenity? Something good, anyways. And it made me feel a little stronger in my resolve. Every now and then, I realize how wishy-washy I am. My goals are usually a bit Jell-o-y, in that they wiggle and move and get squishy... and, unlike Jell-o, need firming up from time to time. But I feel, like I can do this. Like this isn't really as bad as it seems. Like I can handle it, all in stride.

Of course, that feeling may also come from the influx of CASH I'll be getting tomorrow. But, you know, deer rock too.

I have 2 assignments due tomorrow, on of which is finished, just needs a cover page and to be printed, the other is half done, I just need to rank order my values (hah!).

I really feel good right now. In a quiet, firm sort of way. I wish, though, I felt like this more often. I'm sure it will come with age... Aparently, a lot of things do.

That's all for now.


Ginny said...

And on Friday, you will feel and ANGRY firmness.

Oh wow... that sounded kinda dirty...

Anyways. ANGRY.


... va-jay-jay.


teddy said...

I love reading your possitive posts, they always make me happy to know that you are feeling good. And you are right, you get that contented feeling more with age.
I love you