December 30, 2006

A real NEWS post! YAY!

I'm back! I'm feeling slightly more human now, so I thought I'd post. You know, cause I do that sometimes.

So, Christmas has came and went. It was nice: small, relativly quiet, got some nice stuff...Including:
-digital camera! Only holds about 20 pics right now
-more memory for my computer! Sweet Jesus!!
-a brand new MP3 player. My old one was awesome, but we started having some technological issues a few months back... not to mention the fact that it's 4 years old. It was time for something new. So, this one holds about 600 songs. I gave the old one to my grandmother, who's just figured out MSN messenger...
-SOCKS! Sexy, comfy, soft socks. The fluffy kind. *melts*
-Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy (*squee!*)
-Seasons 1&2 of Family Guy (I have season 3)
-Season 1 of Futurama
-flat iron for my hair (so I can look polished like the rest of the family)
-gift certs for Second Cup (do we even have one in NB?), La Senza (woo hoo bras!!), Zellers and Suzy Shier
-a diamond/pink saphire bracelet from Dad (so pretty...)
-a neat tea set for one with cats on it from Ash and Josh
-enough chocolate to put me into insulin shock

And, a rather interesting bit of info from my parents... If I can continue paying $400 rent, they will cover the balance of a one bedroom apartment. Which is nice. So, mom's been going insane trying to find me a place. she even has an ad here for me to check out... She has northbayclassifieds bookmarked on her computer! It's wild! She actually found one that fits all of her "specifications", except that it's not secure-entry. It's somewhere across from the Tim Hortons/A&P area. She wants me to check it out as soon as I go back.

She also wants me to start job hunting when I get back... for summer. Like, she wants me to find something in my field (or close to it) in North Bay, that's going to pay about $10/hour. I want some of the crack she's smoking. I'll go to some of the employment centres (YES, there's a temp agency somewhere, etc...), but I doubt I'll find anything.

So, I guess it's back to the factory for me in 2007. Which, really, isn't so bad. I've got a guarenteed spot coming back, because they've decided that now they want 2 people in weigh-up on all shifts (right now, there's still one shift that runs on one person), and the girl who took my spot just discovered that she's pregnant, so she'll be starting Maternity leave sometime in the summer. PLUS, and here's the exciting bit, as of Jan.1/07, we all get a 3% raise, and I got my 6 month raise (finally... I've only been there 4 years...) so even out on the floor, I'll be making more than $12/hour. And there's roumer going around that we might be getting a new contract (it's actually confirmed, but not "official" yet), which means scads of overtime (not that there isn't already). I could make a mint this summer. Or, I could do something that will look decent on my resume when I finally graduate.

No, I haven't gotten my grades yet. Kinda disappointed by that. I'm hoping that they'll be here next week, or that they were mailed to the house in North Bay instead (if they were, and you read this Mike, can you send me a quick message to let me know?) I know I haven't failed anything, or I would have gotten that letter before exams. I still want to know how I'm doing though.

So, I have next week "off" (monday is a holiday, tuesday and wednesday I'm at home, thursday I'm heading back to NB, friday is ROAD TRIP TIME!!), so I'll be working on my Secret Project (yeah, I'm totally gonna keep teasing people with that), Flyers for the Vagina Monologues, just incase; the Nipissing Women's Centre got back to me, and they are willing to help, but I don't think anyone's actually organizing from that end... I haven't heard back from NUSU or CSRC people yet. And, I'll be working on Thank You Cards from the Com Org class... no one from that class has gotten back to me on anything yet. I really don't know what to do now... Especially since there is a group who's sole purpose was to use the money we raised to go shopping for gift certs... but that isn't supposed to happen until January. What if they don't do it? I don't have access to the account, and the people that do are only here for 3 weeks. Grr.

Saddam Hussien is dead. It's a good thing... but for some reason, it seems like it was for the wrong reasons... I don't think anything truly good will come of this.

Anyways, I'm off to bed. One last Family Christmas tomorrow. It's going to be...interesting. People may or may not die. There may or may not be shotguns. I may or may not be drunk. All in all, should make for a good day... or not.

Hope to hear from y'all soon!


Anonymous said...

Accross from the Tims/A&P huh? Wow, that would put you almost right next door to us. Fun times. Now you can come over and have homemade cookies and other delicious goodies WITHOUT wasting gas

Colleen said...

Secret project, eh? Oooh, sounds secretive!

I hope you didn't kill and family members... Prison orange would clash with your hair.