November 21, 2006

When did that happen??

Dude... I think I'm kinda caught up.

I think. I'm not sure. It all happened so fast...

The only assignment I really have left to do is Multiculturalism. I have the oral part of my interviewing exam on Thursday, but there's not a lot of studying I can do for that...
Substance Abuse Assignment is Done.
Interviewing Assignment (a written one): Done.
History and Philosophy test: Done.
Sociology Assignment: Done.
Group Final: Done.
Group Journal: Done.
Group CLASS: Done!

But... What? I didn't even realize it! Then today, sitting here in the TLM lab waiting for class to start, I realized it...

I don't have to go to rehersal tonight, because it's a workshop. In fact, I've already told Carl that I'm not going. My Laundry is pretty much done. My dishes are done...

Could it be? Do I seriously have the night off??

I was almost giddy until I realize that tomorrow I have nothing to do between 12:30pm and 8pm. That damned near put me over the top. I giggled more than a little!

What ever will I do with this time? I've been begging for it for weeks, so I'd be a fool to waste it. I know I need to continue cleaning up my room, and that can be done in an hour... what else though?
Downloading missed episodes of Criminal Minds, House and Jericho!
Reading my script!
WRITING MY NANO!!! Good lord... If I have a 10K day on wednesday, I might even stand a chance... Well, a chance of getting half done, but still...

It's kinda strange... to think that for those two nights, I really have no obligation to anyone. Well, I might end up doing some meet-for-class type stuff, but nothing extra-curricular.


By the end of today, I will have my exam schedual, too. Oh, and emails are going out tonight about Cocktails & Clevage, which is going to rock.

Infact, I think I'll do that now.



Anonymous said...

Congrats, congrats. And you managed to do it despite other people pestering, distracting, and hindering your work. That's a mountain of work you took care of.
At least I shouldn't have to worry that you're too busy to miss Vampire this weekend. :-P

Beatrix said... you for being done. Because I am not done. So muuurrr.

Actually, if you really want to fill your time, write protest letters. :D

Colleen said...

Don't forget the happy happy fun time at the hospital! How much happy happy fun time could you spend in the hospital instead of doing assignments?