November 25, 2006


Tonight's Silent Auction raised just over $2700!! That's just the Auction and the ticket-raffle, so it doesn't include ticket sales. Throw ticket sales and donations into the mix, and you get almost $5000!!

Pretty friggin cool, eh?

So, needless to say, it was an awsome night. Well, that is, until I got home, and broke out in hives. Yeah, I don't really know why, or how long they've been there, but I'm covered in really ichy red blotches. yuck.

Anyways... I'm keeping this short, because I'm tired, and the rest of the weekend is looking to be... stupid. Just completely moronic on my part. But fun.

Tomorrow (Saturday)
10am to... lets say noon: Meeting for Multiculturalism
noonish-8pm: Arcanis
8pm-uh, later: pre-bash drinking at Karl's
Later-probably early morning: Trina's birthday bash

Well, times aren't completely set yet, but there's supposed to be a post-auction celebration at Michelle's in the early afternoon, then from about 7pm on, it's VtM at Ducky and Brian's.

After this, I'm going to inlist people in my quest to learn how to say "no". Judy said if I didn't, I'd burn out. Or, she'd beat me. One or the other...



Ginny said...

Congrats kiddo!

w00t w00t for all your hard work!

Teddy said...

Excellent work,you are amazing.Talk to you soon.Love Always

Colleen said...

Yay lots of monies!

And yay Trina's party... kind of!