November 19, 2006

Ack! Fner! *Dead.*

So much for weekend of working...

Things have gotten kinda looney, that's why I haven't been posting. There were assgnments and tests and parties... Ok, so it's my own fault, but there was craziness none the less.

People have been asking me why I haven't posted yet about the whole Kyle/NUSU/Fernley/CSRC/Meaghan/Moron fiasco. If you don't know what I'm talking about, feel free to email me and ask. Here's the reason why I'm keeping more tight lipped than usual about this.

I work at the NUSU/CSRC office. Canadore College is my current employer. Therefore, any statements I make can technically be seen as being representitive of NUSU/CSRC, and I don't want that kind of weight on my already sore head. Besides, Kyle, Sean, O'Doyle, even Fernley are people that I work with. They are acquaintences, even friends (not Fernley, but he's partly my boss...) and I don't feel right in taking a side. So, here's my official statement on the matter: I like Kyle. He's a good person. He's a good president. BUT, I haven't seen all the facts. Granted, it seems really, really out of character for Kyle to do what he was accused of (except for being late, but all execs are guilty of that...) But I can't say one way or another. I can't really get involved one way or another either, as I'm not a Nip Student. Same goes for Meaghan, even though I'm a Canadore student... I care that she lost her job, but I've heard some things that make me think that that wasn't an error... I've heard things to the contrary. I haven't seen any form of solid proof from either side proving anything.

Once something real, solid and unshakeable hits the deck, then I'll take a stance. Right now, I'll remain impartial.

Other than that, things are ok. The Silent Auction is progressing, there's a Raffle going on now, and there's talk of some other fundraising deals... Oi... they want to press this thing right upto december 8th. I think they're nuts. I think everyone (ok, ME) really, really needs a break.

School work is plugging along... It's a rough road though. Things don't always happen the way they should. Time... well, I'll leave it at that. I'm getting sick of repeating myself, and I know you're getting sick of it too. ;)

I've been practicing my interviewing skills. It's hard sometimes: we've learned a LOT in the last 3 months, and I find myself starting to forget some of the skills. That, and when I'm talking to people, I find I start sliding into the interviewing mode about halfway into the conversation, so I miss all the trust-building, introductory stuff. And, now I know how to end an interview, but It's just so hard to walk away sometimes. Especially when they want more: there's more questions, more things to explore. You can't just keep talking, but at the same time, sometimes you feel like you're shoeing someone away, and that that can make things worse. The hardest part for me is not interupting. I'm really bad for that.

Ugh... I just want a day off. I want a day where I can be caught up and done with everything. I want the satisfaction of realizing that there's nothing left on my to-do list, and that I've got it all done. But it never happens. I never get that moment of " I did it all." I don't get that shining moment where I stand in the middle of my (clean) bedroom with my (completed) homework, and smile and say: Finished! and then flop down on the bed. It just gets further and further away. And when I think I'm getting close, it's 3am, and I'm losing my mind. And I'm still not done. Or, at least it feels like 3am.

I don't know where to go from here. I want that satisfaction, but my body just can't take the stress anymore. I think it's possible to die of exhaustion... It seems like it would make sense. Your body doesn't rest, so it just shuts down bit by bit... Gah.

I don't know... I just can't keep it up anymore. We'll see what happens... I mean, things are starting to get lighter, but... gah. It's just a lot. That's all.

It's 9.30pm... I should probably get my homework for tomorrow done. It shouldn't take me long. Then I should do laundry and dishes. And I need to at least clean my room a little...

God, what a night.

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Beatrix said...

This is one of the disadvantages of how they've decided to handle this whole thing. They won't release specifics, so no one can make a truly informed opinion. And it's unfortunite, since we deserve the facts. But I can sympathise with your situation. As much as I want to make a firm, loud statement about this, I'm technically low-level exec., so in some very small way, I represent NUSU as well. (Although I don't know if that really counts.)

Personally, I think the best thing we can do is persist in writting and emailing until they agree to release all the facts and give all sides equal opportunity to plead their case. Nothing wrong with demanding the truth.