September 12, 2006

Out for Blood...(Updated)

Update: Ok, I'm feeling calmer now. No, it's not Canadore's fault that Previous experiance isn't taken into concideration when they lay out our courses for us. Everyone gets lumped into the same things, and we have to change it later. Now, I might be a little more understanding if I'd seen the schedual in August and had chance to make changes then, but what can you do?

Anyways, nothing is fitting into the spot that is now empty, so I think I may have to just leave it and pick up extra next term. I'll have to do a bit of that anyways, but... c'est le vie.

I'm staying in my room for the rest of today, and no amount of chocolate, Firefly or alcohol is going to lure me out. Why am I doing this? For your own personal safety.

Today started well enough... I have all of my assignments, so far... but more on that later (oh, yeah, my schedual has changed again, so keep an eye out for that...), but then I got to STS: Student Success. I don't think I have ever been that insulted by a class before, ever. I'm sorry, but I have a BA. I took University Success, and passed with an 80%. I did my time, and now they want me in a class that looks like the rejects of Dangerous Minds? Uh, no. I know it sounds arrogant and pompus, but right there on that piece of paper I got, right under the Bachelor of Arts (Liberal) part, are the words "with all it's rights, privilages and obligations". And I figure that one of my rights, privilages and obligations, yes, all three, is to be able to say that I have this student thing down pretty good.

So, I went to Randy, and he Agreed. I'm no longer in Student Success. That leads me to my MONSTEROUS too do list for tonight:

1)Cancel Appointment with Dr. Idiot at the psych hospital. I've been putting it off.
2)Call GoodWill and get rid of the last of my old furniture.
3)Scour the Master List of courses and find SOMETHING else to take.
6)Resumes, cover letters for Ontario Works (meaghan distracted me last night... not that I'm upset or anything ;) )
7) Calender time. Yeah, already I have more due dates and tests than should humanly be possible, but I don't want to lose track of a single one of them.
8)Keep working on my notes... I have about 1/2 of Chapter 1 of my Sociology note cards done, mostly names and contributions. I should get that done tonight.
9)If I'm still this riled, MURDER, KILL, DESTROY!!!

And then maybe another update. You know, let y'all in on the carnage.

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