September 4, 2006

Marathon Arcaina!

We played 8 solid hours of D&D Arcaina today, and it was awsome! My character was such a jerk... Hee hee hee... I can't wait until there's a bigger group, though. More people to play with!

Tomorrow will be interesting. Lots of waiting in line, so I'm probably going to take a book with me... not sure which yet, but I'm sure I'll find something in Mike's vast library to keep me entertained.

Tomorrow night, I will be visiting Sarah and helping her unpack during the comercials of the season premiere of House, which looks like it's going to rock! This makes me very happy.

And I've decided on my next work of fiction, just for fun...

A Heather/other Lacey slash fic, revolving around CSI: North Bay. It shall be glorious.

I'm soooooo going to get smacked for that. :)

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