September 7, 2006

I'm so not a day person...

It's 8.30pm. I have to be in class in 12 hours. But I'm totally wired for sound, and the boys are entertaining guests tonight, so I'm trying to figure out ways to burn off excess energy. And this massive headache. Seriously, it feels like someone took the Vegas Nightlife and stuffed it into my noggin. So, what do I do, but put all of the loudest, angriest guitar-driven rock I can find onto my MP3 player and crank it.

It seems that I'm a walking contradiction tonight. Boo-urns.

Something's a-brewin. Storm, I think; nothing else makes me this nuts. I hope that's it... I don't want to have to deal with this in computers tommorw morning.

God, I wish my walls were soundproof. I could at least sing along, if not break out my gee-tar without embarassing myself. God, I want to sing Jeremy right now... Something about it's just so cathartic. I want to learn to play it, but I think it's above my level. I have part of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree down, but I can't remember one of the chords.

I might actually start one of my assignments, just for fun. Actually, you, my wonderful readers, might be able to help me with some of them. See, I'm looking for 2 things: the first is for my Fundraising course... I'm looking for "needy causes" within North Bay. Doesn't have to be a charity, and it has to be something we can do in one term... A lot of people were thinking about Christmas stuff.

The second thing is for Group: Random Acts of Kindness. Yes, it's come down to planning and tracking random acts. I already hold doors for people, give directions, all that jazz... I'm looking for something a bit more creative. What are some random acts that people have done for you that have really made your day? I remember people in St. Marys talking about how nice it is when the person infront of you at Tims pays for your coffee, but I'm not in the drive-thru ever. And, no, I'm not to the point of letting people cut infront of me in a line. That's just...beyond me at this point. I don't know... What's something that's stuck with you?

Ugh... I don't know. My headache's getting worse. Maybe I'll just call it a night...

After one last check of ZetaChannel...

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