September 10, 2006

Half-Assed Reflections...

I'm not in the mood to use my whole ass...

It's just interesting to me how things seem to come full-circle... I mean, people come and go, and come back... Worrys and Fears and Joys and Giddiness all seem to repeat themselves... Places and situations change, but really, it's still same old, same old. Of course, I'm not in the mood to really read through 200 posts, so I might be missing something, but... Maybe for 500 we'll do something special. And if this nightly updating trend continues, we might get there sooner than we think.

So, today: Shopping with Nessa. Yay! then... not so yay. People in North Bay are insane. No Frills was like a zoo, and there were no huge sales that I could see. Though, I think Mike was mad that I bought toilet paper... turns out we now have something like 128 rolls in the house. I just thought it would be nice because he was upset that he couldn't find 3-ply, and I found 3-ply... Anyways... But the elevator adventure when putting away said groceries totally rocked... I don't think I need to go to the gym right away anymore!

Then it was off to Sarah's for more Firefly goodness. Squee! Joss Wheadon has the best sense of humor ever. and I would kill for Inara's costumes, even though I'd never have anywhere to wear something that extravagant. Why don't we do things that involve really dressing up? Oh, yeah, cause we're students, and broke. And because people don't hold balls and galas and coctail parties in North Bay (especially in my age group). And, you know... we're broke. But her wardrobe is just so... lux, and extravagant and elaborate... Brocades and silks and gauzy sleeves and... Gah! Oh, to be a socialite... Or a courtisan... well, maybe without the sex-for-money part...

And now, I'm here. Well, I've been studying for the last couple hours, and I did call mom... So, I've been sort of productive. Oh, and I wrote up a one-page report on a time in my life when I was in "trouble" (honestly, it was difficult to pick just one...), and then discussed what does and doesn't make me a good "helper". It's nice to have assignments that take approx. 30 minutes to throw together and don't require things like quotes and references... And then I learned about groups. Lots about groups. Woo. I should probably read Sociology next... And then eventually I'll be writing up my que cards of questions and answers... It helped in first year of U, why not here? The goal is a big ol' 4.0GPA, or at least an A. A+Honours would send me over the moon, so there will be much studying and reading and general student-ness. You know, to go along with the extra-curricular insanity and borrowing of DVDs and many, many sleepless nights.

Tomorrow there will be class. And it will be... um... ok, I guess. Still working through the "first day"s of some of the classes, so if you need be between 8.30am and 4.30pm, check the cafeteria. I might be there, bored senseless and waiting for someone to distract me. And dear god, do I need distraction. Those chairs are only comfortable for about 2 minutes when you're alone. And then I get all twitchy and jumpy and shakey and... *SpAz!!!*

Which is different from usual because...?

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