April 26, 2006

Last Bit...

This is it, folks, the final leg of my University career.

Tomorrow is my last final exam ever at Nipissing University. No, I still don't believe it's actually happening. I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that I'm done another year, let alone that it's my last. I guess that's just part of the whole "moving forward" thing.

I was at Shannon and Miotchie's again last night with Nathan. We drank beer and played SceneIt!, then this morning, I had my first ever tuna sandwich while watching Advent Children for the 3rd time (though, that would have been the first time without subtitles, and with an English Dubb). Jessica Simpson may be an idiot, but she's right... It really is the chicken of the sea. It seriously just tastes like chicken. Which makes me wonder... What *does* chicken taste like?

Anyways... Tonight, the plan is to take one last crack at being productive. I have much studying to do, and not much time to do it in. Also, I have to start packing, and start getting ready to move the big things, like my bed, desk and dresser, into the basement. That'll be fun...

And I think I've gotten a bit more into the throw-away mindset. I mean, sure I keep lots of things that I could potentially use again, but at the same time, I really *don't* use it. I mean, keeping old tests and papers has come in handy, but not so much old notes. I'll never, ever throw away or sell my textbooks, but I don't need every last scrap of paper from my university career. Heck, I even have notes from public and high school squirreled away at home: what do I need them for? And I have a lot of clothes. Like, a lot - a lot. Some of it I wear, but some of it I'm keeping incase I ever get to wear it again. Some of it I'm keeping for when I lose the weight; which is fine. But Why have them out, sprawled over my floor?

Also, I'm going to try and take a bunch of stuff off of my computer tonight. I'm running out of hard-drive space, and I still have much to download. Plus, my computer has been running really slow, and I think it's time to get it re-formatted. Still, having 8 episodes of Criminal Minds, 9 of House, 3 of Family Guy, Memoirs of a Geshia, 3 Sailor Moon movies (shut up!) and about 6 days running-time worth of Music on here probably isn't helping things. Not to mention about 10 episodes of Daria and a bunch of stuff from Limewire I haven't even sorted through yet... Oi. I don't even know how to get this stupid burner working yet... Good thing I have a hand-full of blank CD-R's to mangle in the process.

Hopefully when I get back, I'll have 4 seasons of Family Guy, a few gigs worth of Gargoyles and maybe a movie or two waiting for me... but only if Nathan loves me enough... ;)

Let the burninating/study-ness begin!

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