April 18, 2006

Here we go again...

Nathan told me tonight (about 10 minutes ago), that he needs to find a new place to live.


Nathan's roomate, Miotchie, has a teenaged daughter who currently lives with her ex-husband in... I don't know, Kitchener or something. Well, aparently, the ex-husband is bailing on her, and Nathan needs to be out so she can have his room. I'd imagine that she won't move up until the end of the school year, but still... Nathan said the latest will be July 1st. So, Nathan needs to be able to come up with first, last, and possible utilities (keeping in mind that the cost of hydro is rising 17% as of May 1st), still pay his last bit of rent with Shannon and Miotchie, and find an apartment before... whenever the girl moves up here. So, I put out the call to you:

Male, 23, seeks apartment ASAP. Quiet, Clean, smoker, but will smoke outside. Employed full-time, responsible and very friendly. OK with pets. Perferably near bus route.

If you've got any ideas, PLEASE contact me.
And we're not moving in together unless it becomes necessary. Why? Because I think we'd kill each other. And I can't do that until I'm officially in the will.

1 comment:

nathan said...

lol, Nice baby....nice. posponig the will i am.......ah fuck it, maby in my next life i'll get to be a house pet.