November 20, 2011

Productive Sunday

Today is going wonderfully well. 

First, an update: went back to the doctor (Clinic this time) because the cough/pain/general want to die wasn't getting better, and I can't afford to take another week off work, either with Old Work or New Work.  November/December is made of insanity throughout the world of retail, and I"m working on both sides of the curtain, so I've got crazy hours to deal with.

Doc said that whatever bug is that's going around this year, it's a bad one; most people are having cough/cold symptoms for 2 MONTHS or more!  That's just wild, I think... Anyways, it's viral, so antibiotics don't really do anything, but she gave me some anyways to prevent the Pleurisy from turning into pneumonia or any other chest/lung infection.  She also gave me 2 inhalers, one a steroid, the other a bronchial dilator (opens the airways in a big way), and told me that if it's not better in a week to come back.  It is getting better, slowly.  The pain's still there, and the nasty congestion is still there too, but I'm at least partly human again, so I'm calling it progress.

Anyways, yes: Productive Sunday.  Today, after work (6-11am...ouch), Adam and I did a once-over of the living room/kitchen.  Felt good to get some cleaning up done... the kitchen is almost spotless, we're going to clean out the fridge later, and I just binned a WHACK of useless paperwork. 

It was nice to do it now, because the rest of November consists of 6 to 12 hour days... I'll be happy if I keep up with laundry enough to not have to buy clothes to have something clean.

So yes.  I'm happy with our accomplishments today:

-cleaned litter box
-Cleaned and sanitized humidifyer
-cleaned out one kitchen drawer
-threw out a whack of useless paperwork
-unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher (so we can run, unload and reload again)
-organized my tea cupboard (I need to drink more tea)
-cleaned out the "random stuff" bin in the bathroom
-made and ate a delicious sandwich.


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