October 23, 2011

Wherein I work like I get paid more for it...

So, for those keeping track at home, I work 2 jobs.  For privacy reasons (and because internet sucks sometimes), I"m refering to them as Old Work, which was the job I had first, and New Work, which is... self-explanitory, really.  New work is kind of like contract work... it's project based, so you do one project, then another, then another... sometimes you do several projects at once.  Kind of like now. 

So, Old Work is still throwing me early morning stuff, usually totaling less than 12 hours a week.  I'm pretty sure that will start picking up as we get closer to the holiday season (Note: did you know that we're not allowed to say "Happy Hallowe'en" anymore?  The schools here have to refer to it as "Black and Orange Day", so we do to.  Even Happy Holidays is bordering on offensive.  I'm waiting for the day when I'm not allowed to say "Have a nice day" because it's offensive to someone's culture...).  New Work, also being retail based, but not in the same way, has already started to pick up.  This coming week, for example, I have 4 projects ongoing, each one involving a number of store visits.  One of the projects requires between 3.5 and 5.5 hours per store visit (over at least 10 stores), another involves at least 2 hours per store, and I've been informed that these are not only going to be weekly projects, but I'll be moving from 2 stores to potentially 6 stores.

Normally this isn't so bad, but add a couple of 6 hour shifts, an hour a day of prep and data entry, and about half an hour of travel per location, and... I'm swamped.

If my current knitting projects weren't portable, I"d be totally screwed.

So, the hope here is that I can not only build up enough money to make the credit card companies happy, but also that I can work in enough knitting time to complete my list... Should be an interesting run. 

Anyways, I'll be updating my knitting list shortly, but right now, I have to get ready for bed.  Yes, I know it's 8:30pm, But 4:30am comes stupidly early, and I've got some trips to plan.  TTC Trip Planner has been an invaluable tool over the last few months.

And, as a final note, Adam's been playing a LOT of Dead Island over the last few days.  As a result, last night I started having Zombie dreams.  This makes me a sad panda.

Send Yarn and Cookies.

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