November 2, 2011

Cheese and Crackers

I was debating doing a random Wednesday post, but instead I"m going to do a full post as a Warm-up.  What for, you ask?


That's right!  My yearly foray into Creative Writing started promptly at Midnight, 11.1.11, and as of right now, my word count is a big fat 0.  Not because I don't have an idea.  I have a good idea, half written, in my noodle, ready to be brought into it's wordly existance.  It's time I"m lacking this go round.

Well, it is and it isn't.  Work exploded this past week, leaving casualties in it's wake.  Most of those casualties involve cleaning and laundry and things that, in the grand scheme of things, I really don't care about.  (Mom, stop rolling your eyes, we both know I'm just being honest here.)  But things like knitting and sleep and my personal well being are starting to suffer as well.

I am still at the mercy of the cough to end all coughs.  Oh man, it sucks.  I have cough syrup with codine, which I can't take before work because it makes me drowsy, so I cough until it hurts, or I get sick, which is a rather unpleasant problem that started a week ago.  At least no one sits next to me on the bus...

Yesterday I had to take a day to fully surrender to the cough.  There was a 6 hour nap involved, but at least I"m not completely exhausted today.  Today ended up being full of fail (late bus = missing the RT, then MIA planograms and a minor panic attack), but at least now I'm in-the-game enough to deal with it.  Even if it does mean working on Saturday.

That's right folks, 8 days a week.

Anyways, I heard this morning on Breakfast Television that there are 52 days until Christmas.  I almost punched the TV.  Seriously, the "North Pole" at the Town Center went up last week (BEFORE HALLOWEEN), and there are commercials already, the stores are playing holiday music and all of the Christmas ads are going up.

It was 16C here today!  It's still fall, people!  Stop gouging!

Though, I will say that I got some good ideas for gift giving as I scrambled around today in search of a suitable cat food to carry me through until my next pay...Poor Sorrelle is having to deal with the McDonalds of cat food until I can afford the good stuff from the Vet.


Now I'm off to do some phone calling, then some frantic knitting and maybe noveling.  Because I'm awesome, and I can juggle knives while standing on my head blindfolded and on fire...

PS: Best time for me to get ANYTHING done?  That golden period between "man, that coffee was exactly what I needed for breakfast" and "so hungry I think I"m going to die", right when the shaking sets in.  I think they call it Ketosis?  Something like that.  Don't worry, I'm switching to Tea as of... Now.

PPS: 52 DAYS!!!!!

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