October 15, 2011

Wherein I knit like I get paid for it.

So, I've just been made aware of 2 important things: 1) Neocitran tastes awesomer when drank from a mug covered in happy cartoon sheepies, and 2) Today is the 15th of October.

That second one means that we are now Mid-October, folks.  Which means that we are that much closer to things like Hallowe'en, NaNoWriMo, the frantic nonsense of the retail Christmas shopping season, and Christmas itself.  It also means that we are officially into cooler temperatures.  Not that you would know if you lived in our building... the heat's been on for 2 weeks at least, and I'm still tempted to blast the A/C at times.

Mid-October is a pretty tense time for knitters... the Holiday magazines start coming out, the commercials have started, and we are all planning out Christmas knit-gifts.  Well, unless you're going for things like Cardigans, Sweaters, Wraps or Shawls... a lot of those were probably started mid-summer, or even shortly before the snow melted from last holiday season.  Thing with Christmas knits is that I find it really hard to surprise people with gifts that require measurements.  Usually I just tell people they're getting knitted gifts.  Or I just knit people stuff.  And, very occasionally, I knit myself stuff too.

So, here is the list of things I'd like to have knit before October 31st, so I can start NaNoWriMo without a pile of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) glaring at me from the corner:

*one thing you will notice, and that knitters will get a giggle out of, is that my needles do not move at the speed of reality.  For this to actually happen, I'd need to clone myself a few times and develop an addiction to ritalin and speed.  These will all hopefully be done by December 24th.

1. Cowl for Katie (DONE!  She's going to wear it camping)
2. Tyg socks for me (Sock 1 needs the toe sewn, then I can cast on sock 2)
3. Bus socks for me (Sock 1 is done, Sock 2 is at the gusset decreases) - now, this is called a "Bus Sock" because generally I only knit on them while riding transit because they're easy and plain.  If I don't get them done by the 31st, it's not a huge deal)
4. Cowl for me (probably going to be a mock-burberry cowl in sapphire blue)
5. Hat/Mitts/Scarf set for Trishka (kids stuff is small and quick!)
6. Hat/Mitts for Katana (baby stuff is tiny and fast!)
7. Mittens for Katie
8. Mittens for Kathy (because I promised them to her last year...)
9. Boot-Socks for John (2x2 rib in worsted)
10. Boot-Socks for Jan (see above)
11. Boot-socks for Dad (see above)
12. Adam's Llama-Face scarf that he's been whining about since I started it... a year ago
13. Dog-Hat for Heather (this is a maybe... Unless I can find a good dog-stuffy project that doesn't involve pipe-cleaner legs)
14. A Hat for Me!!

There are also blankets, jackets, mittens, and CHALLENGE SOCKS mixed in there... And, for Christmas (he knows...) I'm creating a Distance-Learning Knitting course for a friend... SO MUCH YARN!

I love it.

Yes, I'm delusional and I know that this will never be completed, especially since Old Work and New Work are insane from now until Boxing Day and Beyond, and somewhere in here I have to do things like get my stupid new health card fixed (because they lost the change of address form...), do laundry and dishes, eat and sleep... you know, that crap.

But I will make it happen!

It will be a miracle...

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