September 30, 2011

Insanity By the Numbers

 So, a couple of things came to mind this morning... most of them involving crazy numbers.  Insane numbers, like...

1 = 1 day until October.  I LOVE October.  It's when the leaves turn to fire and it's too warm for parkas but too cold for t-shirts.  It's filled with knitting inspiration, beautiful colours and smells, and it has 2 awesome holidays, one involving cranberry sauce (best from a can.  not gonna lie.), the other involving obscene amounts of candy and a legitimate reason to wear cat ears and draw whiskers on my kitten face.

31 = 31 Days until November 1st, and the beginning of NaNoWriMo.  I've participated in a variety of ways over the years, and this year I will once again be a passenger on the participant train, leading to my next number:

1667 = The number of words you have to write per day EVERY DAY in November to meet a goal of 50 000 words in one month.  It doesn't seem like a lot, at first.  About mid month, it starts to become a scary, scary thing, especially when you do something silly like this:

24 = 12 months x 2 individual socks in a pair = 24 hand knitted socks in a year.  That's what I signed up for when I joined the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry.  It's kind of a neat thing for me... you knit a pair of socks every month according to the guidelines of the month (every month a new technique, concept or designer is featured), and your name gets entered into a draw to win awesome prizes.  And even if I don't win, I still learn a new skill every month, which is pretty fantastic.  This month, I"m knitting socks with lace patterning in it, in a bright, screaming, highlighter green!  Next month, something with an unusual texture in a pretty red-orange... maybe... Unless I do something like this:

1000 = the approximate number of things I want to knit for myself, but first: 

5 = the number of people who I want to knit gifts for, which I need to start working on soon because:

68 = the number of days until Christmas.

See that last one?  68 days?  That's TERRIFYING to a knitter.  Here are some more numbers to explain why:

1 = the number of weeks it takes for me to make a pair of vanilla socks (no patterning) with a short cuff if I work obsessively on just those socks.

10 = the number of patterned rows I can work on a pair of socks in about an hour (that's a little under an inch)

11 = the number of Thursday night knit-nights at Creative Yarns left until the holidays.

12 = the approximate number of months I've been working on Adam's Llama-face scarf... (though, I've ripped it out twice already)

2 = the number of hands I have.  Clearly not enough.

1 = the number of coffees I drink on a typical day.  Clearly not enough.

So... anyone up for a knit night at my place?  I'll make tea!  I'll buy cookies! 

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