October 2, 2011

Snippit: Fear.

There are a small handfull of things in my life that terrify me*, and I deal with one of them on an almost bi-weekly basis:

Cooking Chicken.  I HATE cooking chicken, because I'm never 100% sure that I've cooked it thoroughly enough.  I cook it until the outside's all white, then I cut into the middle of it to make sure it's not pink, but after that... I mean, it's not pink, but there are juices... should there be juices?  And what about the red bits on the chicken before I start cooking it... should I be chopping those off?  And I should also mention that cooking chicken makes me very germ-phobic, which is totally bizarre.  I take TORONTO city transit almost every day, and I constantly deal with cash, coins, clothing... things that are generally pretty skeevy.  But chicken makes me wash my hands obsessivly until they're dry and tight.

I think I'll be asking Santa for a meat thermometer this year...

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