August 16, 2011

UPDATE! And, other stuff.

In the next two days, I"m going to have to say goodbye to something I"ve held on to since I was a tiny, tiny person. On Thursday, I'll have to hand over my classic "Red n' White" Government Health Card, and replace it with the Photo Health Card (which actually can't be used as Photo ID). AND I"ll have to replace it every 5 years, same time as my driver's licence. I"m not impressed... My little red and white friend was fine the way it was!

I'll get over it.

How about an update? OK!

A little while ago, I told you about Casey, a dog whose owner was going through a really hard life transition, and had to leave her behind because of a pretty big move. Well, Casey has been placed into Foster Care! She'll be hanging out with her new friend, Snowball the Cat, for a little while. GO TEAM!

That being said, and as awesome as that is, All Heart is still facing a couple of pretty... *significant* problems. The most important being this:

All Heart Pet Rescue will be "Shut Down" between November 10th, 2011, and February 1st, 2012 while Kathy has (and recovers from) a much needed back surgery. This means that pretty much ALL of the animals in her care must be placed in foster homes or in other rescues until she's back on her feet.

It's a big deal. Kathy is one of those women who gives and gives. Now she needs to chill and heal up. You may be thinking "how hard can it be to place a few dogs"? Well... Let me point you to the All Heart Facebook group. You'll see the postings for dozens of dogs and CATS (Kathy's allergic, and wasn't going to take any more, but still has a few left) that need forever homes!

The other BIG DEAL is the wishlists. Kathy posts lists of things that she's looking for to make the rescue run. Remember, she does this on donation, with no government funding! Here's some of the most recent items on the list:

  • VOLUNTEERS for the Christmas season! Work can be done from home.
  • Large and Medium size "Zipper Bags" (the sandwich ones with the zippers)
  • Plastic Page protectors (the ones for binders)
  • Large Brown Envelopes
  • Pill Pockets (ask for them at your local pet store)
  • BLEACH by the boat-load!
  • Plain old Dish Soap
  • Polysporin Eye/Ear drops
  • Revolution (I believe it's anti-heart worm?)
  • One of the dustpans that have a broom stick-style handle so Kathy doesn't have to bend
  • Clip Boards
  • a plastic Kiddie Pool
  • Leashes
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Garbage Bags
That's a lotta stuff, I know! But you can get a lot of those things in one magical place... A Haven, if you will. CANADIAN TIRE!!

So, Canadian Tire Money is always a good thing! I collect it, and I'm getting ready to send in a stack. If you have any you'd like to send in, let me know!

That's really all. My life isn't exciting enough for much else right now. ;)

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