August 18, 2011

Genocide is Painless

So, I have a thing. No, no, not that thing, another thing. A thing about people.

Specifically this time.

There's this thing I've noticed about certain women. Well... not women. These are GIRLS. These certain GIRLS are what I have started thinking of as the 3 under 3 girls. These are girls who look to be under 25 years old, and they all have at least 3 kids, all under the age of 3.

Now, I know, love and respect a LOT of young moms. I know a lot of young moms who have a couple of kids, some of them single, some of them not, and these are NOT the moms I'm talking about.

The 3 under 3 crowd are usually blond, usually wearing designer sweats and talking on their high end cell phones, and are usually self-riotous, disrespectful, entitled brats. And that's the MOM's I'm talking about. There were 2 on the bus today, who got into an arguement with the Bus driver when she told the mom to turn her music down and make her kids stop screaming. They both did the finger wag/head movement thing.

These Girls make me really angry.

3 Under 3 girls? You're not impressing anyone.

Adam's come up with a new way to deal with road rage: He just tells himself that "It's ok, they're driving like idiots, which means they'll get into an accident and probably get really hurt or killed, and that's on them, so why get mad?" I'm starting to feel the same way about people in general.

I have to believe that these people who walk around like they own the place... this Jersey Shore generation... they'll figure out fast that no one else is impressed and wind up as broke and miserable as the rest of us. I don't want to wish horrible things on them, I just want to wish that the universe has a sense of fairness; I"m a good person, and I've endured 3 years of hell. These people?

Oh, I can't even Imagine what's coming for them.

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