August 29, 2011

How's it going?

So, I'm still around. Things have been busy.

1) I have tendonitis in my left foot. It makes me limp, so my left leg, right hip and entire back are angry. If I ever see that kid with the bicycle again, I"m going to punch him in the face.

2) The biggest sucky thing about working 2 jobs is that you never get overtime, and you have the potential for 14 hour days all week. Sleep is for the weak...and people who don't like money.

3) I may actually have to start paying OSAP back, for reals this time. But, I guess that's a sign of progress...

4)Wednesday there was a big huge scary storm. Well, I didn't think it was scary. There was loads of lightning, a little bit of rain and the potential for tornadoes... but we're in the city! Tornadoes don't actually happen in major cities, right? Sure... Anyways, we're fine. Though, we got to watch a reporter almost get hit by lightning on CP24, so that was entertaining.

5) Friday I worked a 9 hour shift. In one place. Seriously. Old Work put on a bunch of sales, so the store got trashed, so I spent almost that entire 9 hours folding t-shirts. It was thrilling.

6) Saturday I worked in the morning and then went to a barbeque that involved a smoker. Now, I don't really eat meat. I don't like the flavour of pork or ground beef, and I have a fat-issue with some other meats... I don't like anything that doesn't break down when you chew it... I don't like gum either for this reason. But, I tried the brisket. OH. MY. GAWD. It was freaking delicious. I would eat that for hours. I tried to, but there was also this tomato pie thing, and tomato canapes with cheese and basil, and home-made corn bread, and baked beans... Weight loss? Bah.

7) Yesterday I took Mom to the Canadian National Exhibition (AKA the CNE, AKA the Ex), which is a ginormous fair in Toronto. There's a Midway, which we pretty much avoided because I don't do rides, and she won't go by herself. There are also about a billion vendors, between goods and food. There are things like deep-fried butter, Krispy-Kreme Cheese Burgers, Gourmet Poutine, Gourmet Mac-n-Cheese, Deep fried Koolaid... Basically horribly un-healthy food that makes your arteries weep. I didn't try any, even though I really wanted to try the gourmet mac-n-cheese and poutines. Instead I had some VERY yummy veggie Roti (it was a little spicy though), and Yogen Fruz.

We got the opportunity to see a sheep being shorn in the Farm Building, which was awesome. I'm not sure the sheep enjoyed it... I don't think having an audience watch while your furry-layer is removed with a buzzy tool for the first time would be fun for anyone, let alone a herd-animal that really just wanted to go back to hanging out with it's pals.

We also saw real, live Alpacas, which are weird looking critters at best. There were Llamas, who were NOT wearing pajamas, much to my disappointment. There were also Ostriches, who seemed pretty unimpressed with their situation. AND, there were horses, and ponies. The biggest pony was about the size of a fat Great Dane, and I have seen cats bigger than the smaller pony. It was very interesting.

We also bought lavender, carved stone pieces and other bits (I can't find my red-pepper jam!! ), and we walked. We walked for 8 solid hours. I"m in a little pain, ain't gonna lie, but at least I"m not mom: she's babysitting a too-darned-smart 2-year-old.

The next 2 weeks are going to involve work. Work, work, work, and maybe sleep. Adam will make sure I eat, don't worry. The up-side, other than the money, is that there's a little travel involved, which means transit knitting! YAY! Both the coin and the knitted goods will go a long way towards Christmas Presents.

Yes, I'm starting to think about Christmas Presents. I blame the Sears Wish-Book... we got our "come get your copy!" card at the beginning of the month. Stupid thing. It's AUGUST.

So... yeah, that's pretty much it. I"m doing laundry now, because something tells me that I won't be able to do it again for 2 weeks, and we need towels.

Distractions in forms of wine or chocolate are always welcome... in fact, they're encouraged!

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