July 27, 2011

An office, a wedding and an RPG...

The office has been a bone of contention in my little home for a while now. I get it cleaned up, it gets packed full of stuff again. I go hunting for things, yarn explodes everywhere. We clear paths to get to important places, like the yarn shelves, the litter box or the printer.

Today, I am finally starting to see more of an actual home office here. I (finally) unpacked 2 more boxes that have been sitting here since we moved in, (so, 5 in 2 days, leaving a total of 7 (2 of which are Adam's) to still go through), well as emptying a clutter basket and organizing the crafting shelves. I unearthed the top of my desk, and even got rid of some of the true clutter that was making life more difficult than it needed to be for me.

This week has been a pretty changing week for me. I'm not really sure why. I mean, I can pinpoint a couple of reasons (I'm grateful for all of them), but even cumulatively they're not quite enough to be a catalyst.

Adam's cousin, Aaron, married a lovely woman named Sue this past weekend. Sue is hilarious! She's sweet, loud and doesn't sugar-coat anything. And Aaron is probably the nicest guy in the world. Also, he's a Rocket Scientist. For Reals.

So, there were a couple of hiccups, as there are with any wedding. 2 bright Orange ties went missing on the night before, but Wal-Mart saved the day there. The favours weren't totally complete, but Adam and I helped finish them off. The seating chart wasn't done, so I worked some arts-and-crafts magic on that. Then came something that wasn't expected, and I consider it my personal gift to the happy couple:

So, after the wedding and the pictures are done, we hopped in the limo and started off to the reception site. About half way there, Sue realized that she'd been so rushed that morning (hair dresser an hour late and make-up artist in a car accident... I would have lost it, but Sue was surprisingly cool) that she'd forgotten her garter.* It was also her something blue.**

One of the attendants suggested we stop at a near-by Wal-Mart, because they often had seasonal items like this in stock. I promised Sue that if there weren't actual garters in stock, I'd create something from thin air. I think I told her I'd knit her one if I had to. The 2 glasses of champagne I'd ingested and the scorching heat may have had something to do with this.

Anyways, we get there, No Garters. Nothing. So, me being me, I dashed into the craft department, grabbed some lace, some elastic, some white thread, some little scissors, some sewing/crafting needles (oh, if you ever need upholstery or Sail needles, lemme know...) and, of course, some blue ribbon.

I then MacGyvered together a garter in the back of a limo in less than 15 minutes. And the best part? Not only did it work, but it even survived Aaron pulling it down Sue's leg with his TEETH, and being tossed into the audience, but it also looked AWESOME!

And Sue liked it, so that's good.

After that, and with some other comments I overheard, I realized that I'm missing 2 things in my life that really make me happy: Event management and Random Fun.

I'm thinking I need to keep working on this. I need to keep injecting random fun into my life. And I need to start planning things... Like my own wedding. Even if it may not be happening for a while, doesn't mean I can't start pricing, looking, thinking... Or doing other things.

I think in the coming weeks, I'm finally going to write up the RPG I've been thinking about for years: Giant Mutant Zombie Rats with Guns. And then I'm going to have a bunch of people over and we're going to table-top it.

Get ready, gamers.

*For those who don't know, there's a tradition (not sure if it's English, American or what) that at the reception, before the bride tosses the bouquet, the groom removes the bride's garter, a band of lace around the bride's thigh. Then after she tosses the bouquet, he tosses the garter to eligible men. Sometimes the lucky "winners" share a dance after.

**Another tradition: Something Old, Something New, Something borrowed, Something blue, Silver sixpence for the Shoe. Most "American" couples drop the sixpence part, but the rest is fairly well recognized as a form of lucky charm. The bride carries with her down the aisle Something old (usually heirloom jewlery), something new (often the dress is considered the new item), something borrowed (usually from a female relative) and something blue (could be earrings, ribbons, bracelets... I've also seen flip-flops, nail polish, hankies and love notes tucked into pockets for this).

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