July 28, 2011

A favor for the knitterly good?

So, Knitty has put out a call to us knitters. What they're trying to do is build a better database for sock pattern sizes. The basic premise is that when we get fitted for shoes in a store, the most commonly used measurement we need is length. What did your mom always ask? Can you wiggle your toes? If not, the shoe isn't long enough, so you need a "bigger" size. This is not necessarily the same with hand-knit socks. Your socks can be a meter long, but you won't be able to get your foot into them if you don't cast on enough stitches, because that determines how WIDE the sock is.

"Since foot length is remarkably unrelated to foot circumference – small feet can be wide, long feet can be narrow – telling me your shoe size tells me very little about how big your socks should be. A lot of the time, when designers are creating socks, we’re guessing about how they should be sized."

-Kate, Editorial Assistant for Knitty.com

So, they've asked us knitters to bust out the measuring tape and send them some numbers. There's a very, very good picture on the site as to what they want (I'll post it below), but here are the basics:
  • Your shoe size: US or European size & gender (e.g. US Women’s size 8 )
  • Your foot length
  • Ankle circumference around the narrowest part of your ankle
  • Foot circumference around the ball of your foot
  • Circumference around your foot at your ankle
  • Diagonal measurement around your heel, from the base of your heel up over the top of your foot
  • Circumference of your calf six inches (15cm) up from the ground
The thing is, they need LOTS of these measurements to be able to get a realistic average, a generalization, if you will, of what shoe size means in terms of knitting. Here's where I smile, batt my eye lashes and ask for a favour.

Can you measure your feet for me? Not both, necessarily, but at least one?

If you do, that would be totally awesome! If you don't mind, please measure your NAKED (gasp!) foot: not wearing socks. And if your feet tend to swell, I'd suggest measuring at the end of the day, when your feet have been well used.

You could email it directly to knitty if you want, but if you email it to me, then I get to start making notes of sizes for socks. I'm not saying that you'll get a set of pretty little hand-knitted socks from me tomorrow (just ask Colleen, she's been waiting for hers for almost a year), but you might some day.

You'll also be helping me feed my yarny addiction, because designers will use this info to design newer, better patterns, and that's TOTALLY not a bad thing.

For more info and the graphic on where to measure, go here:

Knitty Sock Survey

Then email the results either to Knitty's partners in crime at footsurvey (at) wisehildaknits (dot) com , or to me at SparkyintheSnow (at) gmail (dot) com. You could leave the info in the comments too, if you're cool with that.


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