June 26, 2011


So, it's been a few days (5, actually), since the final round of wisdom tooth nonsense took place. I'd love to tell you that everything's back to normal, believe me. But, alas. The stabbing pain in my ear is gone, and I can eat soups and foods with the consistency of baby food (mushed bananas, ice cream, mashed potatoes), and if I cut whole, soft foods like pasta into little tiny pieces and chew carefully, I can eat that. But I can't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time, then the advil wears off and I wake up.

I left work after only an hour yesterday and gave up my shift today because I just can't function. When I don't have an ice pack on my face, it feels like my cheek is falling off. And what's worse, last night I took my last T3.

My liver hurts.

And to add insult to this injury, today is actually kind of a nice day. It's overcast, sure, but today would have been a nice day to go for a walk down town, or to go see somewhere I haven't been before, or to GO TO KNITTING, which I really want to do. Or even go to work, which is also something I should be doing right now. But I just feel like crap... I didn't get up until after noon, and I felt nauseous and just achy all over. And Advil isn't even touching the pain.

Tomorrow I have to work from 6-9am, and then I have some other things to do, one of which will include calling my dentist and saying "Uh... is this normal? Also, more drugs please?"

I promise not to punch him.

Too hard.

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