March 29, 2011

Making a home... from a box?

Remember when you were a kid (or, if you're Unavoidedcrisis... last week...) when your parents got some big thing like a fridge or a stove, and you made the box into a fort?

Yeah, this isn't at all what I'm talking about. But that was pretty awesome.

What I'm talking about is actually 2 things. Two things other than the above thing, which is actually pretty cool, considering how tired I am. The first thing involves a blog post I just read, and my thoughts about it, and the second involves Ikea, and possibly Craigslist. I know, I'm kinda scared too, but hang in there.

So, for the first: I have this thing called a Feedly. Feedly is where I keep track of all the neat stuff going on that I like to read, like blogs and newsletters from websites and comics. One of the things I read on my Feedly is a blog kept by writer Laurie Perry, aka CrazyAuntPurl. Aunt Purl usually writes about knitting and cats, 2 things I LOVE, but also about her life. Sometimes her life is about as normal as life can be for a 30-year-old divorcee with a "herd" of cats and a knitting addiction fueled by insomnia. Other times, it's... not. For example, today's post: in a nutshell, Aunt Purl's neighbour went section 8 and, without revealing many details, Aunt Purl had to move. In 3 days.

So, find a place, pack your life and 3 cats, and MOVE in 3 days.

Dude, I don't think I could do that. I don't think I could even pack in 3 days, not to mention FIND somewhere that isn't your parent's/friend's/lover's/other's spare room/basement/couch. Could you? If something happened and you had to GTFO, could you do it?

Or, better question, SHOULD you be able to? Maybe that's a way to de-clutter or re-organize... look around and be like, well, if I had to move by the end of the weekend, what would I ditch, what would I fight for? Something to chew on.

The second part of this is less dramatic and more Home in a box = cake in a box. It's still good, it's still yummy, it's not as nice as made-from-scratch, but it's MUCH cheaper than buying all the ingredients and putting in a bunch of time. You still have to buy some stuff, but most of it you have on hand. Home in a box is a similar concept... It's nice, and it's not like totally redecorating, but it's cheaper than knocking out walls.

Mom and I were talking about it (not the exact concept, but the idea of re-decor-ing), and I think I'm aiming for the wrong room. I want to re-do the living room, because it's the room I'm in the most. It's a room that everyone sees, and it's actually 2-3 rooms in one, with it also being the dining room and the coat-area. Thing with it is, I can't really move anything except the couches, and I've already done that, and it doesn't help. I can't move the TV and stuff, first because my understanding is that there's no outlets that would support what the TV needs, and second because I wouldn't dare touch the stuff without someone near by who is about 150% more geekalicious than me. I can't move the shelving because it's HUGE and heavy. If the TV can't move, the dining area can't move, and everything just kinda stays stuck.

So mom said, why not fix the "office" knitting room instead? And I said, Why the heck didn't I think of that??

We have a love-seat couch that does nothing now except collect coats. I'm sure I can find something else to do that... We have a HD TV that hasn't been used in months and a Wii that hasn't been fired up since we moved. (also, a DVD player that's going in a yard sale in the spring). I could move that room around and make it very nice, I think. The only things I'd have to buy are shelves from Ikea or somewhere else cheap, and paint. Paint would probably be the most expensive part... I'm probably going to look into seeing if you can get like, recycled paint or mis-tints for cheap somewhere... Or, you know, see if anyone has half-used cans they want to part with...

We'll see how long this creative streak lasts...

Oh, and it's been suggested that I join the Knit-Crochet Blog week thing. I think I may... so tomorrow might be a 3-post-in-one day. Just soyaknow.

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