March 28, 2011

I'm alive, I swear!

I know I haven't posted in a really long time. The only real reason for that is because there isn't really much going on in my life. Things are kind of boring. The only things I really have to talk about are rants about life in retail, and as comedic as they are in my mind, there's probably only so much whining people can stand.

So, the basic life-update for right now is that Adam is in Florida with Dad watching Baseball (Blue Jay's Spring Training in Dunedin) and bonding (I hope...), and I'm on a vacation of my own here in St. Marys with Mom, Ash and a blond little terror named Hurricane Heather. She's amazing, and she's adorable, but she is the SASSIEST thing since... well, since sass became a thing, I would imagine. It's hilarious and frustrating at the same time.

I like being at home. There's always yummy food that isn't from a restaurant, everything is warm and friendly and comfortable... Mom re-did the living room and it's so pretty! I didn't inherit mom's interior design sense, but I know that having all white walls in every room is starting to make me nutty. Even in the basement here, where all the walls are white, the lighting and the things on the walls take away from starkness of it and make it warm.

I also like being at home because it makes me think about things I don't usually think about at home. Things like this wedding nonsense. I'm re-thinking my choice of venue for something a little more familiar, and Mom actually bought me one of those thick-as-a-catalogue wedding magazines, and Ash and I went through and picked apart every dress, with the help of some sticky fingers who were only really interested in hunting for pictures of Woo-Woos.

And then tonight I got thinking about something I'm always thinking about when I'm at home... being out of shape. It usually hits me because of chasing the Monster around, but tonight it struck me differently. Mom and Ash pooled their money and bought an eliptical machine. I used to LOVE that thing when I would go to the Canadore Gym. I could do a half-hour on it, and know I'd done work, and it wasn't as painful on my knees, hips or lungs as a treadmill. I also used to like the rowing machine, but that's a whole other story. Anyways, I got on theirs today and had to get off after only 90 seconds. That's assinine. I should be able to do at least 15 minutes before being out of breath. ASSININE.

Mom has a gazelle here... it's like an eliptical but with more of a skiing motion to it. I'm going to spend some time tomorrow trying to figure out if it's possible to take it apart and bring it home with me. The eliptical is the ONLY machine (other than the rower) that I have ever liked... the stair thing used to make me curse, the treadmill was balls, and those arm things didn't ever do anything I liked. I'm hoping that if I can abscond with this gazelle, I can make due until I can afford to join a gym.

And finally, yes, I'm still knitting. GOD, I'm still knitting. I have torrid love affaris with yarn that would make posts back from my university days blush. I have on the go a pair of mittens for Nina, 2 pairs of socks (the ones for Colleen are going to make me nutty... turning a heel in black = suckage), a shawl, Adam's scarf (3rd time's a charm?) and plans for about 600 other projects. If I could live on knitting alone, I would. Hell, if I could knit instead of eat, I would!

But that's all that's really swimming around in my noggin right now... well, other than how some people should really take a course in how to be a human being when it comes to shopping...

What about you? What's happening out there in your world?

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fineskylark said...

You should do Knit and Crochet Blog Week!

Not much to report here--it's been a pretty meh kind of month.