April 6, 2011

It's spring, damnit.

I don't care. I don't even care that it's grey and still cold, and that the grass is still yellow and matted down, and that people are miserable and grumpy and that everything is stale.

I don't care. It's spring, damnit. Spring means re-growth, and new energy and second chances. Whether it wants to or not.

So, as you can tell, it was bill-paying day, so... Yeah, I'm a little grumpy. I shouldn't be, really... I bought some new spring clothes while I was home visiting my family, and I got paid last night, so between that and my GST, I could cover rent and minimum payments (phone/cable/internet will be a different story, but still), and I still have yet to get my income tax return, so it's not like I'm screwed. I'm just poor.

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate money?

But it's SPRING. So, I'm going to force myself to be happy. Kind of like being at work, only less fake and without the folding.

What makes me happy? KNITTING! and cats. But... KNITTING!

So, there was this thing last week that I missed out on called Knitting Blog Week (or something like that... I think Crocheters were involved too... general yarn-crafty goodness). Every day, you blog about one of the selected topics. So, I may be a week late, but I figured I'd take a crack at it. Not like I have anything else I want to do. (cleaning, laundry, dishes, job hunting and budgeting are not things I want to do).

Day 1: How and When did you start Knitting?

I was probably 5-6 when I started knitting. Nan taught me, around the same time she taught me how to cross-stitch with those plastic things. I knitted for a couple of years, but I was already the un-coolest kid in the school, so adding knitting to the mix would have made things worse. I picked knitting back up again just over 2 years ago when my sister told me she was expecting. It was strange, I remembered knitting, but not how to do it. I used YouTube to re-learn the basic skills, and joined the North Bay Handknitter's Guild for inspiration. Since then, I've gone from garter stitch blankets in random acrylic to Socks in Malabrigo and potential shawls! I have a real stash and knitting friends and a LYS!

So, yes. Knitting is good.

Cats are also good.

Spring is good.

If it knows what's good for it.

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