November 2, 2010

The Plan!

Novemeber is a month of strategy, of planning and of... well, insanity.

Christmas is coming and there are gifts to be made, NanoWrimo is well underway (well, not really... it's day 2 and I'm still under 1000 words...), and I'm in a sock knitting class that requires homework.

Here's the plan... this is what I will need to do to get everything done... well, hopefully done.

1) Daily knitting goal: 6 inches of current project

So, right now I'm working on Adam's scarf. I need to knit at LEAST 6 inches of it a day to get it to him by mid month. After that, there are mittens and socks. Now, that 6 inches can be divided over projects. For example, today I need 3 inches of Adam's scarf, and at least 3 inches of my homework sock to have it ready for Sunday.

2) Daily Writing Goal: 2000 words.

NaNoWriMo sets a goal for their writers of 1667 words per day as the average required to hit 50000 words by the last of November. I'm amping that up a bit to make up for my shakey start, and for days where I won't be able to write.

3) Daily cleaning goal: One flat surface OR one load of laundry.

Because otherwise, the house will fall apart, and I'll end up on an episode of Hoarders.

This is doable! I swear!

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