November 5, 2010

Ode to a Fruitfly.

I hate my kitchen. For serious. It's tiny, and dark (the light doesn't work, so we have to use a lamp), and miserable. If you use the stove or put hot water in the sink, it gets hot and muggy and you don't want to be in there. It smells, and it makes me sad. If I spent an hour a day in there doing dishes, I'm sure it would take a month to get caught up. I think they're mating in there and multiplying like rabbits.

The misery that is my kitchen somehow leeches into every room of the house. The miserable kitchen means the table is dirty, and since there's no room on the table, we eat in the living room, so dishes wind up in the living room, as do my knitting things.

I was so proud of my clean office, now it's back to being a storage room.

I'm debating starting it all over, and I probably will... but that means simplifying my to-do-list.

I have to have my sock done by Sunday. I can manage that, if I focus on that. Every other project s getting one inch per day, NO MORE.

As for my Nano... I haven't broken 2000 words. It makes me sad. So, I'm scrapping it and doing the one thing I never thought I'd do for National Novel Writer's Month... I'm going to write fan-fic. Yes, I'm going to go the route of Fan Fiction, because the characters are already created, the general idea is already there, and inspiration is easy to come by. I still refuse to do porn-y/slash for the sake of slash fic, because I just don't get it, but if it goes NC-17, I can't be blamed... it's what the characters want.

Yes, it will probably be Criminal Minds fic. No, I'm not ready to write the Ried/Hotch story line based on that campfire dream I had way back, because that was a CM/Supernatural cross over, and I think that would fry my brain. No, you don't have to understand/agree with/like anything I just said.

I completed my Onboarding with my new employer last night. There's still a lot of things I don't really understand, and it does kind of seem overwhelming right now, and I"m still suffering from a compulsive want to fold (the store is kind of in a state of perpetual chaos). I just keep telling myself that if a 17 year old can do it, so can I. Also, it's not forever, so if I'm not the best at it, that's ok.

I still friggin hate my kitchen though.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it'd be worth blitzing it and taking a day to just do all of the dishes - like, do one load, let 'em air dry, and do something else in the meantime. (Like knit!) When they're dry, put 'em away and do a second round. It sounds like just getting that done would make a big difference in how you feel. (And if all else fails, I can help you ninja the kitchen into shape. Seriously. I love doing crap like that. :) )


Anonymous said...

I would say "i love you ducky" and invite her over. Friends like that are very hard to come by. And if she can get you caught up, that is wonderful. Buy her a nice supper.