October 28, 2010

Literary Abandon in T-3 days...

That's right, friends! NaNoWriMo is back again this year, and I'm all over it! This year, I'm not ML-ing, partly because Toronto already has 3 MLs (seriously!), but also because I want to focus on actually, you know, writing!

So, November is quickly approaching, though you wouldn't know it... it's still above 0 degrees outside, and (knock wood) we have yet to see one flake. I'm honestly looking forward to a little madness. 50, 000 words, 3 pairs of mittens, scarves and hats, and a part time job to boot... Should keep me hopping.

Yes, I got the part time job... it's seasonal, so I'll probably get more than part time hours. I'm just waiting to hear back about training, and I'll be all set! I can't remember if I mentioned it last time I posted. Probably not.

Anyways... I'm off tonight to see Dane Cook in concert (fun!!), then this weekend is Jan's birthday, and my sock knitting class. I kind of hope I don't work Monday, so I can get a good start on my word count.


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