October 1, 2010


Just a warning for those of you who have slow connections, this post is gonna have a few pictures in it, which may make this a slow-loading post.

So, I was going to go nutty and post all of my pics from my recent vacation, but I've spent the last hour editing the photos just from Cape Coral (and just a few choice ones too), and I've decided to do it in stages, as not to overwhelm.

Also, as I've been typing this, I've realized that for whatever reason, Blogger is only letting me upload 3 pictures per post, so... I guess that makes for a week's blog fodder. Bonus!

Here is Part 1: Cape Coral!
This is the hotel we stayed in while in Buffalo. It was very nice... there was a pool, a very nice dining area that served very good food, and it was very pretty too.
This was one of the many airplanes we got to ride on. I think the whole trip involved 6 flights total. This would be technically the 3rd flight I've ever been on, as I flew to BC and back in grade 6. I'm not sure I really liked the experiance... I'm not a huge fan of the feeling of the G-force on your legs when the plane takes off.

This is my parent's house in Cape Coral, FL. It's pretty spiffy, and is actually much bigger than it looks... there are 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and the living room is pretty huge too. Florida is an interesting place. There are no trees or fields on the side of the road, and it's pretty flat, so there's grass for miles. And the trees that are there are palm trees, so it looks very different from Canadian topography.

There are also Spiders as big as my palm, wasps everywhere, and wild geckos all over the place. That last bit was kinda neat.

Next round of pics will be of the wicked 4pm lightning storms that seem to be a daily occurance, and of Ft. Myers beach. Still to come are the Universal Studios pics, then Aruba!

Well, what else is new?

I'm waiting on a call from a popular clothing retailer in Toronto that may want to hire me. That would be awesome! Especially since the whole EI thing happened... And, btw, sorry about the ranty-sweary-unbecoming crazyness from the last post. I'm really trying not to curse on this blog anymore, since I'm starting to realize that some of my potential audience members are young and impressionable. I've thought about going back and screening old entries, but I don't know if I have the nerve.

Anyways, that's one of the many things waiting for me back in the T.Dot. That, a few rounds begging temp agencies for employment will be in the cards, since the popular clothing retailer will only have part time hours for me. There's also some pretty hard core de-cluttering that has to happen, since (brace yourselves)...

The Meepermobile is being donated to charity.

That's right, Meeper II is going the way of the great scrap yard in the sky. The head gasket is gone. That's a $600 fix, and the car was bought for $700. I haven't actually driven since we moved, so we figured that it's time for the car to stop taking up space and be useful. I've decided on CharityCar.ca, as they will tow the car, make sure the car is disposed of in an enviro-friendly way, give me a receipt, and donate the car's value to a charity of my choosing (My choice: Toronto Cat Rescue). And, the money I was spending in insurance will pay for a MetroPass (Toronto City Transit pass).

But, there will be other de-clutter events going on... massive clothing uphevals will be happening as soon as I get home, since Adam and I BOTH have clothes that haven't even been unpacked yet. And we have some boxes o' random crap that need to be sorted out.

I've finally caught up on the Yarn Harlot's blog, and one of her more recent endevours involves a pretty much useless room in her house. It's tiny, has a big window, but had been filled with her yarn and books, and her husbands equipment and magazines. She's gutting the place and making it something nice and useable. I want to do the same with the office. I know I can't afford to paint, and (thank goodness) I don't have counters and shelving to knock down, and I can't afford more bookshelves right now, no matter how much I scrounge. But, I can still make the space more functional.

anyways, that's enough for tonight. It's late, I'm tired, and tomorrow is another day.

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