September 28, 2010

A Love Letter:

Dear Asshole at the EI call centre:

Really? You felt that was necessary? All I asked was if there was any options for me once my EI is up (which, aparently, is next week), and you had to be a condecending bastard?

"People like to work, you know, for the security of it".

I KNOW THAT, DICK HEAD. I'm well aware of the fact that people "like" to work, and the fact that you automatically assumed that because I haven't "had any earnings" in the past 12 months makes you so damned sure I'm a lazy slob who doesn't work because I don't need to cuz I lives off da govrrrrnmn't? Hey, guess what fucker, you're WRONG. I've applied for countless jobs. I've applied to dozens of temp agencies. I've even attempted a really stupid foray back into volunteering.

I'm not working, because A) I haven't gotten ONE call back, because I"m a rediculous combination of overqualified for reception jobs, and underqualified in experiance for social service jobs, and B) My last boss made me so literally Bat-Shit insane that I STILL have trouble leaving the house for fear of people in the outside world.

You, asshole, would have gotten a piece of my mind rather than just a dial tone, if it hadn't been for the fact that my niece, who I"m babysitting while my grandmother buries her sister-in-law and close friend, was sleeping.

I asked you for options, and you patronized me because you have a cushy government job. Well, it's your lucky day, shit weasle, because if I were more like other people I know, I'd be calling back and asking for your supervisor right now, and demanding your job, in leiu of your ass on a platter.

Have a nice day, ass butt.


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