September 26, 2010

nothing fits here right now...

I'm not the most frequent poster, and I'm not terribly interesting some of the time, but there are people who do occasionally read this stuff, and for those of you who do, an update:

I'm in St. Marys right now. That wasn't exactly my "plan", but it seems nothing ever goes as planned.

Yesterday morning, my Uncle John's wife passed away very suddenly. This was Uncle John's second wife, and they'd been married just over a year. Nan and Grandad are flying out to BC tomorrow to be with the family, and I"m home filling Nan's shoes here; babysitting Heather. I'll be here for about a week, maybe 2, depending on how things go.

So, that's the deal right now. In a day or two, there will be pictures from my International (!) Adventures, stories about wrangling a 1 year old, crazy-smart busy-body with a very...unusual love of cleaning (gets it from her mom), and some stuff on the horizon that's hopefully going to get me out of the house for at least 21 hours a week; more through the Christmas season, Knitting Insanity and my traditional ranty-goodness about Christmas coming earlier and earlier every year.

Until then, if you get a minute, if you can send your preferred variety of good wishes in the direction of my Uncle and his family, Id appreciate it.


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