September 12, 2010

message from mommy

hi everyone! its sorrelle. mommy and uncle adam went away... ducky and adams nanny come to visit me, and they say its a va-kay-shun. they are in florida with the aligaters then are going to Ar-oo-ba.

BUT mommy sent me a message to give to you. she said it was very important. here it is:

A few months ago, Pakistan was devistated by flooding. Thousands are dead, more missing. SIX MILLION people are homeless and living on what supplies they can find. The flood water is contaminating main water supplies, spreading disease... the human toll is enormous.

When the earthquake struck Haiti earlier this year, people were kind and generous, opening their wallets and pouring millions of relief dollars to aid agencies. This time, the donations coming in are far far less. I'm not sure whether this is because of the failing economy, or maybe because it's happening in Pakistan, a place people (for some reason) have come to associate with terrorists. It really doesn't matter... The HUMAN toll is still massive, and these people need help.

Because of the low level of donations, the Canadian Government are matching donations made by Canadians, dollar for dollar. You can read about it here. This event was supposed to last until today, but Ottawa is EXTENDING this program for 3 more weeks.

To take advantage of this matching program, you can make donations to the following organizations:

CARE Canada

Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders Canada

Canadian Red Cross

Please give what you can. $5 may seem like a drop in the ocean, but if Everyone gave $5, that's a pretty big drop.


that's what mommy wanted me to post for you. i am going to go play with my toys now, and try and find mommys treet stash before she gets home. :)


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