October 5, 2010

Toes are Froze.

Holy Mother of Flying Monkeys, it's flipping FREEZING here. October is kind of a jerk, it's so pretty and crisp and everything smells like apples and leaves. But, the nights are toe freezingly, nose numbingly cold. I like the pretty and the yummy, but dude, I hate the cold.

I really need to start frantically knitting nice, warm wool socks.

Anyways, I'm heading back to Toronto tomorrow. Tomorrow night I'll get settled back in, snuggle my cat and my Adam and sleep in my own bed. Thursday morning? Thursday morning, the lunacy begins. Closet purging, cardboard-box unpacking, clutter busting, nuttyness that will make a Value Village or Goodwill nearby stupidly happy. There will be shirts, pants, jeans, shoes and lord only knows what else, gonzors. Wires and boxes and expired multivitamins and bits of oddments? Out. Dust rhinocerouses and cobweb condos? Eeeeeee-vivted.

And while that's going on, I'm going to be setting up interviews at temp agencies near by. Just in case.

AND, I'm going to make bread. And soup. And cookies. Well, maybe just the cookies, we'll see how grocery shopping goes.

Until then, the moment you've all been waiting for (hah!), part 2 of the vacation of a lifetime*!

This is one of the storms that we experianced in Florida. Aparently there's one every day right around 4:30. It's odd because there really wasn't any rain, it was all clouds and lightning... Very cool to watch.Ft. Myer's Beach, Ladies and Gents! It was... kind of spectacular. For that... hour, I think we were there, I felt 100% euphoric. The sun was warm, the sand was soft and white, the sky was the kind of blue you only see in paint chips, and people (like the people I blurred out behind us because I didn't technically have their permission to take their picture...) didn't care about anything but tanlines.
And yes, we were the whitest white people there.

G'night people! See you in the big city!

*because it's the only vacation like this I'll probably ever have, in my life time...

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