June 10, 2010


So, Colleen's working her way through a meme right now, and I need to escape a little, so I thought I"d pick it up too. Now, it's supposed to be done one answer per day, but I'm more of an "all or nothing" type.

A show that should never have been cancelled:

Undergrads. Seriously, that show needed another season. Clone High needed another season too, but Undergrads would have done it better. Daria should never have been cancelled either, but it had to end eventually.

A show that you wish more people were watching

I tend to watch a lot of mainstream TV, but I think I'm going to go with Hoarders. It's a good show, and I think that (and Intervention) really shows a side of humans in need that people could maybe identify with.

Your favorite new show of this season

This season? Isn't this season over? I don't know that I actually watched anything new this season...

Your favourite show ever.

It was a close match-up, almost a 3-way tie, but I've gotta go with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A show you hate.

PARTY MAMMAS. What a horrible, discusting showcase of the most shameless, shallow behaviour I've ever seen. Actually, that, Jersey Shore and The whole Laguna Beach/Hills thing just proves that we're doing to much to prevent Natural Selection.

Favourite episode of your favourite TV show.

Ok, the episode with The Gentlemen. Seriously, SERIOUSLY creepy. Close second: Once More with Feeling.

Least favourite episode of your favourite TV show.

There were a couple that were pretty bad in the "Ok, seriously Joss? Really?" kinda way. The Thanksgiving one where Xander gets sick from a ghost one was kinda dumb.

A show everyone should watch.

I'm pretty sure everyone should watch at least one or two episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation in their lives at some point. I think it's kind of a requirement. But a show that everyone should try to watch whenever they can? True Blood.

Best scene ever.

Ok, a bit random, but the scene in Grey's Anatomy at O'Mally's funeral, where they all sit with Izzy in the cemetary and laugh hysterically. "O'Mally got hit by a bus!" "And I got cancer! What's with that?"

A show you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

Hmm. The OC. I still watch the re-runs on MuchMore. It's kinda disgusting.

A show that disappointed you.

Raising the Bar. I kind of expected more from it.

An episode you’ve watched more than five times.

Once More with Feeling from Buffy, Revelations from Criminal Minds, Exodus from ER.

Favourite childhood show.

Star Trek Voyager and Sailor Moon. I was kind of a geek. I can't watch Voyager now because the acting is just terrible, and I though I do like going back and watching Sailor Moon, it has a different meaning now.

Favourite male character.

Spike. His sasstastic. Ried is the sexiest nerd on television. I'll always kind of have a soft spot for the men of NCIS too. And yes, Supernatural = boatloads of sexy men.

Favourite female character.

Buffy, Willow, Daria, Jane (from Daria), Emily Prentis, Penelope Garcia and Joan of Arc (from Clone High)

Your guilty pleasure show.

Ugh, right now, Say Yes to the Dress, Wedding SOS and Rich Bride Poor Bride. I"m horrible.

Favourite mini-series.

I haven't really watched a "mini series" that was labeled as that. I would really, really like to see all of Angels in America though.

Favourite title sequence.

Law and Order UK has the best theme song of all time. Close second is ER becausse it's a classic.

Best TV show cast.

Oh good lord... The current cast of Criminal Minds is pretty much perfection. there's a couple of seasons of ER which are pretty perfect too... the ones before Greene dies and Ross gets fired.

Favourite kiss.

There's always one where you're like "FINALLY!!". I can't really think of one right off... There's also a couple that you watch and you're like "NO! What are you DOING???" Can't think of any of those either.

Favourite ship.

UGH... Serenity. Very close second is the Enterprise. Serenity wins only because it has character.

Favourite series finale.

M*A*S*H. No question.

Most annoying character.

Marissa from the OC. Seriously? She cries in every friggin episode!!!

Best quote.

There are so many... I might have to do a post of just TV quotes. Do you watch "Video On Trial"?? That show is entierly made up of excellent quotes!

A show you plan on watching (old or new).

There are a few. I want to watch Dexter, I've seen a few eps and I really like it. I still need to see the last like 4 issues of Jericho, and I've been told I should probably watch Dr Who and Glee. And I need to re-watch True Blood to keep up with the story for the new season.

OMG WTF?! Season finale.

This season's Grey's had me on edge the whole time, as did Supernatural, only because it was kinda supposed to be the series finale until they signed on again for another round.

Best pilot episode.

True Blood. They haven't changed since Day One, and that's a difficult feat. I was hooked as soon as I saw it.

First TV show obsession.

Star Trek Voyager. Yeah, I'm a big geek.

Current TV show obsession.

Criminal Minds. If I miss a new episode, I"m miserable. I really like Supernatural, but I'm not as obsessed as some people I know.

Saddest character death

SO MANY... Doyle from Angel is pretty high up. I cried. Joyce Summers was horrible too. Wash was a pretty horrible character death, but technically that was in the movie, not the TV show. Tasha Yar was my first Character death. I'd like to say that the Winchester deaths in Supernatural are horrible, but after "Mystery Spot", now I can really only find them funny.

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unavoidedcrisis said...

I think I'll always laugh at your answer for favourite 'ship. Sorry bb. :D

Video on Trial has had me on the floor more than once. That show is brill.