May 26, 2010

The things we do

Today seemed like one of those days that I'll be repeating in a story to someone either in my old age, or when I write my memoirs (or both...). A story of very little significance, really, except for that moment in my head where a little light tickled and said "Hey, this is one of those moments..."

Adam and I (mostly Adam) installed our very first Air Conditioning unit into our very first apartment today. It seemed so cliched, Adam grumbling over the fact that the balcony door is swollen shut from the heat, and me using a steak knife (and a flimsey one at that) to cut through styrofoam to build supports. Adam reading the instructions one more time while I stuff the open space above the unit with pillows and stick tape around it so bugs don't get in.

And now we're sitting here on this old dilapedated couch, both on our laptops, after a dinner of pizza and pop, basking in the quickly cooling success of our first real modification to our new home.

Painting the place will be another one of those moments... though something tells me I'll be doing most of that myself.

I'm still in Scarborough because of the giant swollen welt of a cold sore on my face. It's pretty close to the last one I had, which makes sense... the scar from that one was finally almost gone, so obviously I'd get a brand new one to take its place... I haven't decided what I want to do tomorrow yet... I have the option of driving back to North Bay and re-loading the car with more things, or driving as far as Sprucedale to Adam's parent's place. Adam's mom is coming here for a yard sale going on this weekend.

So, yeah. We're getting settled. Even Relly is settling in... she seems to be enjoying all of the new places to lay, curl up in, explore and even skid across (while chasing a toy she discovered what varnish does to a wood floor...)

So, that's the update. For now. I'm hoping Adam's right when he says that this is the worst bit, and things can only get better from here.

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