May 29, 2010


My living room is looking pretty empty right now. There's a couple hundred dollars worth of Ikea shelving sitting in boxes in our living room right now, which Adam promised will be put together by the time I move in. And on Wednesday our new leather couches are being delivered (they're a deep brown, which is yummy). Oddly enough, that happens to be the same day that Adam will drive home in his brand new Genesis Coup (he went with the blue in the end).

It feels... odd. Unreal. This much... big stuff. I certainly won't be getting used to this life style, but it's kind of nice to look around and say "Oh, I like that!" and know that if I really wanted it, Adam would get it for me. However, I don't really like the feeling that I can't buy it for myself.

For example, Our walls are stark white and pretty much bare right now... save for some dark blue heavy curtains in the living and bed rooms and my lovely cat painting that Adam bought for me. I would like to buy Art. As soon as I can afford it, I'd LOVE to get one of the Koi Fish paintings created by my friend Eden Bachelder. And I'd love to get one of those BIG prints they have in Ikea... They do black and white (with one accent colour) prints of cityscapes. I want one of Toronto. I like Art. But I want to get it myself. I want the satisfaction of purchasing something lovely myself.

Ah, well, such is life. Soon enough I will have a job (I have to, right? Toronto being bigger than North Bay, I'm hoping the odds will start to slide into my favour), and I'll be able to buy these things. Even the artsy-fartsy vases and nicketynacks from Wal Mart... glass bowls on the coffee table with wicker balls in them that serve no purpose other than being there. And occasionally becoming cat toys.

I"m starting to feel more at home here. It's good.

Needs a coat of paint though...

Anyways, I"m off to check the laundry, then I'm back to moving stuff from room to room, then finally to bed so I can head back to North Bay in the morning.

What a looney week it's been.

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fineskylark said...

Those koi are awesome. I really like the owl painting she has too--I might buy myself a print.