May 18, 2010

List #1: Things I'm looking forward to:

-Coming home at the end of the day and having a beer on the balcony
-Watching Sorrelle skid around on the hardwood floors
-Painting the apartment any colours I want
-Having SHELVES full of yarn and pattern books
-Going for walks with Adam
-Planting a balcony garden. I'm planning on Tomatos, herbs, catnip and everbearing strawberries.
-Watching Criminal Minds on the big screen TV
-making lasagna, and caeser salad with my home made croutons, and finally breaking in my crock pot, and digging out all of mom's old caserole recipies...
-Adding to my collection of "Cat Wine" bottles
-learning to not be afraid of Toronto
-finding a Scarborough Knitter's Guild
-Researching wedding venues (Adam says they have to come with packages because it's easier... I can't help but agree...)
-New leather furnature, new book shelves, new decorations
-Knitting an afghan for the couch in some kind of chunky velour wool that I can snuggle up on with Sorrelle

There are other things. These are my main ones... for now. :)

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