May 16, 2010

Been a while...

So, it's been a while... since I've done a lot of things, really. Certainly since I've posted.

1) Adam and I are still moving to Scarborough. Actually, Adam has already moved there, and already started working. The apartment is very nice, actually, and with some lights and a quick coat of paint, it's going to be an ok first home for us. I'm still planning to move down here sometime between now and July 1st. Not quite sure when, all really depends on the job market.

2) Adam and I got engaged on May 1st. I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge now. It's still not really real... we've set a tentative time frame of September 2012. It may seem far off, but it's really only 2 years and a bit, which is pretty quick. That may change, depending on how things go... If I decide to go back to school before then, we might push the date back a year or two, but since school isn't really in the financial cards right now, I wouldn't worry too much. Yes, I have a wedding planninator-binder, and I've been wasting unimaginable amounts of time flitting through, but I havent' gone totally nuts. I'm not trying on dresses or auditioning bands or anything. We are having engagement photos done next weekend though... Mom's idea, Mom's dime, so I'm ok with that!

3) My hair is still shorter than I would like, but at least it's red again. Also, my nails are back to their "natural" state (no acrylic), and they feel like paper. It's kind of horrible. But they're currently painted purple, so I can live with that. Rimmel's 60 seconds polish is my new best friend!

So, that's the biggest new stuff. I haven't knitted in a few weeks. Guild is tomorrow, so I'm picking up my sticks to try and get back in the groove. Actually, I'm still trying to finish mom's Wisp, which was actually part of her birthday present! I'm going to do 5 more panels... I need to have it done by next weekend. But there's so much else I want to get to... I figure if I can just get the inspiration to start (and finish) some of my WIPs (Work in Progress - es), then I can push through and start on some of the fantastic little bits and pieces I want to start working on.

Lastly (for now), I've joined an army. Nicole's Army. Nicole's Army is the name of the team I'll be relaying with at the Relay for Life in North Bay. Nicole was the cousin of my friend Aimee. She lost her battle with cancer not long ago, and Aimee's called on her friends to step up and... well, relay! I've never done a relay before... even in grade school track-and-field. I don't really know what's involved, but I don't think we're trying to win anything, so I'm sure my total lack of physical fitness won't completely hinder the team. One thing though: My personal fundraising goal is $100, which is actually a third of the reccomended goal. If you would like to donate to me as part of Nicole's Army, lemme know, and I'll link you.

For now, back to the knitting. Next up, OMG THE LISTING!!! There's lists of things I need to do before, during and after my move, before, during and after the wedding, lists of stuff I'll be getting rid of, lists of things I need...

To start off this listing, here are 2. The first, is my general "If you ever want to get me a prezzie..." list of Knitting things I want.

Lacey's Knit-Addicted Wish List

The second... well... It kinda speaks for itself. (And, I'm told, is probably the most important...)

Sorrelle's Housewarming Wish List

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